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Here is the Fast Track guide to Zilart Missions.

  • The New Frontier
 After defeating the Shadow Lord for nation mission 5-2, 
 (@norg) to enter Norg to receive a cutscene and a KeyItemMap of Norg.
  • Welcome t'Norg
 Click on the "Oaken Door" at (K-8) in Norg for a cutscene with Gilgamesh.
  • Kazham's Chieftainess
 Type @Zilart 1 --Talk to Jakoh Wahcondalo in Kazham to obtain the KeyItem Sacrificial Chamber Key
  • The Temple of Uggalepih
 Type @zilart 2-- This will take you outside the Sacrificial Chamber (prepare for fight)

  • Headstone Pilgrimage
 Type @zilart 3 (water) (4= earth),5 = wind),6 = ice),7 = zitar),8 = yhotunga),9 = Behemoth's dominion) to gather all the fragments. (remember some headstones will pop mobs its a good idea to 
 bring a friend). The mission should change when you have all 7 fragments.
  • Through the Quicksand Caves
 Type @zilart 10, which will take you to  Chamber of Oracles for another fight.
 Once the fight is over place all the fragments into each socket and another CS should begin.
 (if no CS happens try to place the fragments back in)
  • The Chamber of Oracles
 This mission is the CS after the last fight were you placed the fragments into the slots.
  • Return to Delkfutt's Tower
 Zone into Lower Delkfutt's Tower from Qufim Island for a CS.
 Type @zilart 11 which will take you to the very top of delfuts tower. 
 Grab the crystal if you had not gotten it before and continue to the porter to  Stellar Fulcrum.
 Once this battle is over you may get stuck in the CS after the fight, but the mission will continue to the next.
  • Ro'Maeve
 Type @norg -Talk to Gilgamesh (L-8). His librarian will tell of some ruins to the north of The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. 
 You are to head there next. Your mission log will update after the cutscene.
  • The Temple of Desolation
 Type @zilart 12 Which will take you to Ro'Maeve, zone into the hall of the gods.
 Observe the gate at the other end of Hall of the Gods and your mission log will update.
  • The Hall of the Gods
 Now type @oasis and talk to  Maryoh Comyujah, Rabao (G-7) near the windmill to the right.
 Go to @norg and click on the door again.
  • The Mithra and the Crystal
 Type @zilart 13 which will take you too ??? (think it says moogle instead of ???) near where you landed
 select Yes to spawn the Ancient Vessel. Once the Ancient Vessel is killed, inspect the ??? again to dig out
 the KeyItem Scrap of Papyrus.
 Type @oasis after you recieved the Scrap of Papyrus, talk to Maryoh Comyujah to obtain a KeyItem Cerulean Crystal.
 Optional : Go to Norg and speak to Gilgamesh.
 Head back to the Hall of the Gods, @zilart 12 touch the sealed gate, and watch the cutscene.
 Go down the hallway and examine the Shimmering Circle for the last cutscene.
  • The Gate of the Gods
 Follow the path to Tu'Lia
  • Ark Angels
 Enter the Shrine of Ru'Avitau. by just going straight.
 In the Shrine of Ru'Avitau, continue straight until you find an unmarked target on the wall. Examine it to receive a cutscene.
 This should now flag the Divine Might quest.