Weekly NM Hunt

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The Weekly NM Hunts will reset every Sunday. Don't worry when you talk to " Olorinda "

He will let you know which NM you need to hunt. The hunt can only be done once.

You will Not be able to get more than 1 reward. 2 Bakka's Wings are the reward.

"Berthold" is the reward NPC
The reset NPC works as follows. When you grab a new hunt (talk to olorinda) from that moment a timer will run it lasts until a midnight and 6 days after.
before you are allowed to reset your next hunt. The best practice would be to wait till Sunday and get the new hunt.  

After collecting your reward and the time is up for your reset as mentioned above , You can talk to " Couzanne "

To unlock " Olorinda " and be able to get the Next Hunt.

IMPORTANT* If you do not Speak with " Olorinda "  and receive the hunt **EVEN if you know what NM it is. 
You WILL NOT be able to get the reward.

You must talk to Couzanne in order to reset your character to talk to Olorinda, who will give you the next hunt. Sorry for the inconvenience, 
this helps us get the reward to you on your time. Also helps free up our time for other things. This process will be 
updated soon, so that you do not have a two step process. Thanks.