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Please use this guide before asking for help

Error 10092

          Make sure that the ini and config are both set to the same resolutions.
          Make sure to add your POL Data folder to the Final Fantasy XI folder
          If still occurring you will need to recover your files via POL or reinstall.


         Your character is still logged in. Wait up to 5 minutes, if still occurring have a GM reset you.


         This will either be the same as an FFXI-3001 or it means that the login server is up but server has crashed.
         Build_100 When launching FFXI-boot
         If you zoned to an area you dont have the expansion to, a GM will have to move you.
         If not, add POL Data folder to FFXI folder
         If still occurring recover your files via POL

FFXI- 3305

        Your character is still logged into the server, wait 5 minutes, if it still occurs contact a GM to reset..


        3101 is a disconnect with you and the login server.
        The server could be down

FFXI - 3331

        Your game files are out of date.  update your game Setup Guide


while creating my character:

        Copy POL Data folder to FFXI folder, if it still doesnt work then your name is taken or too short.
        You could not be logged in!
        Password or username was not correct.

  • I cannot see my character, any npcs or any players
       Update your client. Copy the patch into ffxi directory and check files.
  • I cannot see what I am typing, or the macro bar, or the status bar, or the menu, or other HUD elements
      Update your client. Copy the patch into ffxi directory and check files.

White Screen on Windower, Windows 8/8.1/10

Please run the following steps to resolve this issue:
1.Right click Start and choose Run
2.In the dialog box that opens, type "regedit" (without the quotes) and press enter.
You'll probably need to accept a UAC prompt at this point.
3.Before making any changes to the registry you should make a backup.
You can do this by right clicking the "Computer" node at the top and selecting Export.
4.Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft using the folder tree on the left.
5.Right Click on the Microsoft key (the folders are called "keys"), and select New ⇒ Key.
6.Rename the new key Avalon.Graphics.
7.Right click the new Avalon.Graphics key, and select New ⇒ DWORD (32-bit) Value.
8.Rename the new value (it will be on the right side of the window) DisableHWAcceleration.
9.Right click the new DisableHWAcceleration value and select Modify...
10.Enter "1" (without the quotes) in the Value data field.
11.Click OK.


If you upgraded to Windows 10 and it crashes every time, clicking on WiFi settings and roll back to Windows 7.
This link [1] is to reinstall DirectX 9 because win10 deletes it.
Also check your compatibility settings make sure nothing is checked off (win7 or win8) make sure "run as admin" is checked
You need to change the resolution of your game window to better fit with your monitor's display. 
Launch FFXI Config within your FFXI directory and change the game resolution to something smaller.
Next, you need to change your ashita launcher settings to match the resolution that you entered within FFXI Config.
Make sure that these two resolutions match exactly or you may experience graphics issues.
We recommend playing the game in windowed or borderless-windowed mode.
  • If you still cannot figure it out please go back and recheck each step in the Setup Guide, It could something so small you just missed it.

Password Characters Being Duplicated in xiloader

(thank you Melame for this write up)
If you are having trouble with xiloader double typing each character in the password section, here is a little guide to fixing the problem for Windower by editing the "settings.xml" file.

  1. Run Notepad as admin by right clicking the Notepad icon and selecting "Run as Administrator".
  1. Click File > Open and then navigate to the Windower folder (usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower4).
  1. In order to edit the "settings.xml" you will need to change "Text documents (*.txt)" next to the "file name" bar to search for "all files." Once that is done, simply open "settings.xml" in Notepad.
  1. Under <profile name="whatevernameyouuse"> add this set of lines:

<args>--server --user your_username_here --password your_password_here</args>

  1. Save the new "settings.xml" file and autologin will be enabled while also keeping all of your Windower settings. You may have to delete your old direct shortcut to your <profile name="whatevernameyouuse"> and pin a new copy to your desktop.