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By playing on Hokutens, you agree to abide by the server rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

  1. Drama, harassment (including MPK, griefing), name-calling and using abusive or derogatory language will not be tolerated in any public chat channels (i.e. LS, Party, Say, Shout).
    1. The GM Team will no longer mediate private player disputes. Players are encouraged to attempt to resolve their differences. However, if you find you are unable to get along with another player, you have a couple of options:
      1. Just don’t talk to or respond to the other player
      2. Add them to your blacklist, either as a short- or long-term solution. Be aware, however, that if you do blacklist a player, you may miss out on information/events that they are communicating.
  2. No cheating. Includes, but not limited to:
    1. No unauthorized plugins, mainly Speedhack and Wallhack. Lotomatic and Light Luggage are also prohibited (they spam and crash the server).
    2. No exploiting. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you find what you think is an exploit, please report it to an Admin or submit a ticket. Exploiting includes:
      1. Attacking monsters that can’t attack you back/mob pathing exploits
      2. Taking advantage of game functions that are clearly not working correctly (including manipulating the HP crystal list to access off-limits zones)
      3. POS hacking
    3. No travel to off-limits zones. Off-limits zones include all Limbus zones and all post-WOTG zones (except Escha-Ru'Aun). This list subject to change.
    4. No riding Chocobos in zones where you are unable to ride Chocobos in retail (this includes @base!)
    5. Dual-boxing, except as allowed per rules below.
    6. Scripting/Botting for offensive skillups (i.e. enfeebling magic) is not allowed. You may script for defensive skillups and crafting.
  3. Dual-boxing rules:
    1. You may have a maximum of two characters and you must register your Main and Second/Alt characters on the Alt Account List. It is your responsibility to register your Main and Second/Alt characters.
    2. No dual-boxing in official Linkshell events. This includes using an alt character to participate in another activity outside the event (XPing, Farming, Killing Place Holders, etc.) If a player wishes to enjoy the spoils of a linkshell event, it is expected his/her attention is devoted to said event for the benefit of all.
    3. You may NEVER dual-box at a natural spawn Wyrm or HNM, including: Tiamat, Vrtra, Jormungand, Cerberus, Khimaira, Adamantoise/Aspid, Fafnir/Nidhogg, Behemoth/King Behemoth (list subject to change if HNMs are added or removed from the dual-box prohibition). If you want items from a natural spawn Wyrm/HNM for your second character, you MUST announce in advance which character you intend to cast lots on. Failure to announce prior to the start of the fight automatically results in loss of lotting rights on both characters. The second character must be in the zone, but outside the alliance, for the duration of the fight. After the fight, the character in the alliance will drop and the second character will be invited to cast lots.
    4. You may not dual-box at “Server Event NMs” (NMs announced via server message as a special event).
    5. You may not dual-box at Linkshell Event Ultimate Sky.
    6. Dual-boxing at force-popped (private pop) Wyrms and HNMs is allowed, including Kings, Tiamat, Dark Ixion, and Bubbling Bernie. For example, if you win a Savory Shank, you could dual-box when you pop KB.
    7. If you are dual-boxing for exp/merits, both characters must be in the same party AND actively participating. For parties under level 75, you must have level-sync active.
    8. If you are dual-boxing, you cannot camp an NM while you are playing another character. It is also prohibited to camp or hold two NM spawn locations simultaneously. This includes trying to obtain Time of Death. You must move your second character to a city zone, base, or to same position as your first character.
    9. You may complete the Weekly NM with both your Main and Second/Alt characters; however, if a Main character wants a spot in the Weekly NM party, you must drop your Second/Alt character to make room.
  4. Party Exp takes priority over Solo Exp. Parties take priority over people soloing (or dual-boxing). The best solution is to team up! Partying or soloing on top of another party is prohibited.
  5. NM Camping:
    1. The FIRST person to be camping an NM is the only person that will camp that NM. No one in Hokutens will camp against another player for any reason (unless specified for an event). This rule also applies to force popped NM camps (i.e. ZNM). If another person/group is already at a spawn point, come back later or work together to achieve a mutually agreeable arrangement.
    2. No AFK camping of NMs. This includes the NMs that drop Kinetic Unit trophies. You may not hold an NM camp just by being in the spawn area. You must be regularly and actively killing placeholders, and at your computer and able to respond to /tells. If a player is AFK and fails to respond to a /tell from another player within 10 minutes, the first player will forfeit the camp. The second player must document /tell and elapsed time with a screenshot. Absolutely no disputes will be mediated without a time-stamped screenshot showing the /tell with no response within 10 minutes, and all parties will forfeit the camp in the event that no screenshot is presented.
    3. You may not camp an NM for another person. You may hold the camp for a few minutes if the other person needs to briefly AFK, but you may not hold the camp for them while they are offline or participating in another event.
    4. Rules following a scheduled server reset. While this policy is specifically created because of the conflict King Arthro creates, it will extend to all instantly spawning NMs:
      1. This type of spawn (or any of its pre-spawn minions, i.e. Knight Crabs) should not be touched for a period of 5 minutes after the first person logs in. All players who log in at the spawn point within that window are considered part of a valid claim. This will NOT include any player that manages to travel to the spawn within that time frame - only those who log in and appear at the spawn point.
      2. If multiple parties have a valid claim they have the option to unanimously agree to party and free lot the loot. If any valid claim player objects to this practice, then all valid claims must /random with the highest roll determining right to claim. To protect yourself against false claims of impropriety, screenshots are highly recommended and will certainly be a requirement to reach an arbitrated resolution. Include log-in time, the 5-minute wait, conversations determining action, and lot results in your screenshots.
    5. Lord of Onzozo camping rules: players may not hold the LoO camp by simply being at the spawn location. All players must actively camp by killing the place holder as it pops. Additionally, players arriving at camp must attempt communication to first player on scene if the placeholder is up and not being killed. Should it happen that the first player on scene does not respond within 10 minutes of receiving the first communication, additional player(s) may kill the placeholder and claim the right to the camp. The original player that did not respond has at this point given up rights to the camp through assumed afk camping. To protect yourself, SS communication attempts with timestamps to prove no response
  6. HNM/Wyrm Rules (natural spawns):
    1. The Linkshell as a whole may kill up to two of the same HNM (Fafnir/Nidhogg, Adamantoise/Aspidochelone, Behemoth/King Behemoth) in a 24 hour period. If you are unsure whether an HNM has been killed twice, you must check with a GM or Admin before killing it.
    2. HNMs/Wyrms may not be fought during an official, previously scheduled LS event.
    3. You must call out the HNM/Wyrm in Linkshell and allow a minimum of 10 minutes to gather @beach before going to kill the HNM/Wyrm. You must have at least 7 players to kill a HNM/Wyrm. If more than 18 player gather @beach to kill the HNM/Wyrm, all players must /random, with the top 18 getting spots. If, after the 10-minute gather period, you have fewer than 18 people, anyone joining late will be invited on a first come, first served basis upon arriving in the zone.
    4. Certain HNMs/Wyrms require certain job setups. It is expected that you will come as the job best able to contribute to the fight. You may be asked to change jobs to one better suited for the fight.
    5. If you join the alliance for an HNM/Wyrm late, but before it is at 50%, you may lot. If you join the alliance when the HNM/Wyrm is below 50%, you may not lot.
  7. Lotting Rules:
    1. Linkshell-sponsored events and Natural Spawn HNMs/Wyrms: You may lot on one item, and ONLY one item. You must be able to use the item currently on any of your jobs (not necessarily the job that you came to the fight as).
      1. If more than one of the same item drops, you may only lot one (even if you lot low).
      2. If Bakka’s Wings, Alexandrite, or crafting materials drop to the treasure pool, they do not count as your one lot, and you may lot each of the Bakka’s/Alex/crafting materials in the pool.
      3. You do not need to possess the Celadon Yggrete rock in order to lot the Zaffre Yggrete rock.
      4. Lotting more than one item and/or lotting an item you cannot presently equip will result in the loss of the item(s) for a first violation and may result in jail time and loss of item(s) for subsequent violations.
      5. After two minutes, any un-lotted items will go Free Lot. A "Timekeeper" should be designated prior to the fight (if there is a Leader/GM/Admin in the alliance, they should act as Timekeeper). After two minutes, the Timekeeper will check lots and announce which items are Free Lot. These items do not count against the one item you may lot, but please be courteous to your fellow players and consider passing if someone else will get better use of the item.
    2. Private events and force-popped HNMs/Wyrms:
      1. Lotting rules should be announced and agreed upon in advance. You can, but do not have to, use the Linkshell lotting rules. You can set whatever rules everyone in the party/alliance agrees on. It is recommended that the agreement be screenshotted. In the absence of screenshots, GMs/Admins will not mediate any disagreements regarding private events.
  8. Participation in Linkshell Events:
    1. All players must consistently and actively participate in any event joined. Events include (but are not limited to): Dynamis, Ultimate Sky, ZNMs, HNMs, and Mythic WS runs.
    2. Please do not join a party/alliance for an event and then go AFK. We understand that life happens and you sometimes have to step away. If you need to AFK before or during an event, please announce to the group and then leave the party or alliance.
    3. If a person appears to be AFK during an event, the event leader (or one designated person) should send /tells AND ask in party chat whether the player is AFK. If the player fails to reply to multiple /tells and party chats within 5 minutes (or less for mobs that are killed quickly like Adamantoise and Behemoth), they should be kicked from the party. The player should not be warped, as this prevents them from quickly and easily rejoining the group if they come back from AFK in sufficient time to participate in the event. The /tells and party chats to the player appearing to be AFK must be documented with time-stamped screenshots.
    4. If the player returns with 50% or more of the event (or monster health) remaining, they may lot according to the Linkshell rules.
  9. Creating Linkshells is forbidden. Hokutens is the only Linkshell permitted on the server. If you do not automatically have a linkpearl when you create your character, please either submit a ticket or post on the Facebook page. Please be sure to include your in-game name, and a GM will give you a pearl as soon as possible.