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This page will show you the more static differences on our server vs retail.

Retail Differences

  1. weekly bonuses added to signet
  2. 75 Cap (Zilart, CoP, some ToAU, and some WoTG) (Do not go past mission 16 for ToAU for now)
  3. EXP Rate and Page EXP are 2x retail values. Fame is 4x retail values. (NO Exp loss on Death)
  4. Subjobs are unlocked, there is no quest to complete.
  5. Skill Up rate is 9x retail, you can get up to .5 skillups
  6. Crafting Skill Up is 2.5x retail
  7. Exp Bands are altered to last longer and give more EXP (Can be purchased from @shop 8 more than 1 time per week, also once you have rank 8 in your nation this shop upgrades)
  8. Walking speed faster than retail
  9. Only one Limit break - level 70 Maat fight
  10. Start with 1,000,000 Gil
  11. AH is fully stocked at 100g per item with the exception of some HQ gear and cursed -1 items
  12. There are Custom @ Commands to make things easier for you
  13. The Chocobo Circuit is the Linkshell hangout spot. You can get there by typing @base. Shop NPC's have been modified to sell useful items for 100 gil.
  14. Relic Weapons have been altered and given a minor boost
  15. Bounding Boots, Emperor Hairpin, Kraken Club, and Peacock Charm drop rates have been largely increased!
  16. Mythic Weapons are obtainable! (see Modifications)
  17. Custom warps for popular Exp camps found in @xpcamp warps
  18. Alexandrite can be traded for certain gear and weapons found in Alexandrite items
  19. We have a Daily NPC that gives you a random amount of currency for Special Items.
  20. There is a Weekly NM Hunt That you can do to earn Bakka Wings. Trade these to Jadamo @base
  21. Relic Weapon times between stages reflect 2007 era and can be found Here
  22. AF can be bought from a shop at level 60 by using the command @af job, eg @af war or it can be quested too
  23. Custom content, including a beefed-up Jagged-Ear Jack, Bubbling Bernie, Dark Ixion with a few special skills, and Ultimate Sky!
  24. See Happo for all of your limbus af+1 items!

Extra notes

- Relic Weapons and their weaponskills have all been given minor boosts. - Please do not install Light Luggage or Plastic Surgeon plugins. They can/will cause problems and crashes, both client and serve-rside.
- Please use /pcmd leave to leave an alliance. If you use the party menu/dissolve alliance options, it often crashes the server.
- Steam Cleaner spawns on his own and not from a detector.
- Some craft recipes will 'cap' at one level below what online guides say they will. It is best not to use synthesis support when leveling a craft.
- Beastmaster quest requires the chocobo quest to be completed to unlock.
- Sewer Syrup's location is not where listed on the wiki, he's in the hallway at I-8/I-9.
- You can only do one relic weapon quest at a time, even though it will allow you to start another (you will lose the weapons).
- Relic Weapon wait time stages can be found here (they do NOT match current Retail wait times).
- Argus and Leech King are now like retail.
- When unlocking Corsair, there is no need for the Lamia Key. The gate is always unlocked.
- All 10 Knight crabs must be spawned in, before killing them all to spawn King Arthro, or he will not pop.
- Brigandish Blade NM does not need a Buccaneer's knife in order to be killed.
- Sozu Rogberry does not require a flickering lantern, it's a lottery pop: Placeholders are the Tonberry Stabber mobs located directly adjacent to his 'room' on the third map of The Temple
- You need the Prelate Key in order to get through the door in Uggalepih to get to the Crimson-toothed Pawberry spawn point.
- Eastern Shadow in Fei'Yin is a lottery pop of the RNG spectre in that general area, with a 16-32 hour window after ToD.
- Job Testimony items can only be used once, and must be dropped from inventory after a Maat loss before a new on can be obtained.
- AF does not need to be quested and can be bought from a shop at level 60 by using the command @af job, eg @af war
- All wait times that refer to midnight are Eastern time, not Japan time.
- When using FFXIclopedia, hover over the arrow next to the "Edit" button and select "History" - then, choose a page version created in 2007-2008. Generally, these are more accurate to Hokutens than the current FFXIclopedia pages.


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