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Welcome to Hokutens' wiki page. Hokuten One is a private FFXI Server. If you were invited here - check out the Setup Guide for info on how to get started.

  • -- Public Facebook page
  • -- Closed Facebook page which lists events and other happenings. Please sign up. There is a lot of great information in the Facebook group Pinned Post, and players and admins regularly communicate with the community here, as well a hosted event times are posted here.
  • Latest News for recent announcement, news, or policy changes. Contains all information cross-posted from Facebook.
  • If you don't have Facebook you can see the latest Admin posts here in News
  • Change Log/Update Notes is the best place to find a summary of recent changes and any patch/update notes.
  • How to Become a GM
  • Official Forums are now up. Please feel free to register and take a look.
  • Help Desk Ticket System (Please use this system to request assistance or to make a suggestion or complaint)
  • Teamspeak (Teamspeak Server is

Getting Started

  1. Setup Guide is the first place to check out to get set up and running on the server. Please note, do not use the Light Luggage plugin on Windower.
  2. Rules need to be looked over before playing. Consequences for violating rules include Jail.
  3. @ Commands I suggest bookmarking this page as these are very useful in-game.
  4. @base Hokutens Home Base - with customized NPCs - get the details here!
  5. Detailed Maps These maps are just like the apradar maps, so in game maps will all be detailed with NMs and Mission Spots.
  6. Nuances For The Uninitiated Retail differences YOU NEED TO KNOW. This will help you with what minor differences there may be with mobs, missions, quests. ect.
  7. Updating the Client (only do this when instructed to do so by Admin on Facebook)
  8. Off Limits and Working and Broken These will let you know what is currently broken/being worked on.
  9. Modifications have in-depth lists of retail differences, Alexandrite for gear, obtaining Mythics, and other custom content.
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Hokutens Player List - please send a /tell to Marathon, Fishy, or Aydann to be added to this list.
  12. For any issues see, a list of GMs.

Game guides/ Tools

  • Zilart The Fast Track Guide, Warps will be opened when Zilart events are scheduled. (Time to get Sky - about 2 hours or less)
  • CoP The Fast Track Guide.
  • Augments this page shows how our custom augments work, but you must be able to go into the inner part of base by talking to Rhind Mhikkrol and having sky access.
  • Guide for Blue Mage (AF, Limit Break, Spells)
  • Guide for Scholar (AF, Limit Break)
  • Guide for Corsair (AF, Limit Break)
  • Empyrean Weapons info on how to obtain and the differences of our empys vs retail's
  • Salvage gear flow chart can be found here -->[1]<--