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Updated Alexandrite Items List is LIVE (6 October 2018)

Go to the Alexandrite items page for details!

The items that Khatri @base used to carry (rotating stock of armor purchased by Bayld) are now carried by Jaicedion for either 15 or 20 Alex and a common trade item.

Update Notes (8 September 2018)


Submit your Alex List Suggestions! (31 August 2018)

As we start to think about the alex list over the coming month, there are a couple of things I want announce:

For some items coming off the Alex list (Homam, Nashira, maybe others) we are examining adding additional ways to procure them.

For some items coming off the Alex list (USky drops, maybe others) we will be increasing the drop rate from those fights.

The cost of many items will be changed (read that as reduced), or may have their "common" item trade made a little more common. ;p

Most importantly - what is going on the Alex list? What new goodies can we expect? Well, as much as I love guessing at what you want, we are adding a nifty little form. On this form you can request ANY piece of gear (no i-level gear, but up to level 99) and you will VERY likely see it added. However, the cost of these gears will scale with the level. Expect to see Alex prices on some pieces at or above relic prices. But we want to see what you WANT. Please be specific when making suggestions - list individual items or gear set names, rather than saying "all relic armor".

Note: Empyrean Armor will not be added at this time, as not all sets function correctly.

Please follow the link below to make your request!
Alex List Suggestions

Khatri's Store - Changed (29 July 2018)

The items in Khatri's Bayld shop have been changed. She now has 14 different items to choose from for 600 Bayld each. Khatri will carry these items through the end of September ONLY.

At the beginning of October, Khatri will close down shop and the items she carried (past and present) will either transition to the Alexandrite shop or as drops from Hokutens custom content.

Also at the beginning of October, the Alexandrite list will be modified. Any items that can be obtained through other means (i.e. as drops) will be removed. Relic weapons, and the celadon and zaffre yggrete rocks will still be able to be purchased with Alexandrite.

T1/T2 Augment & Race Change Requests Close today! (29 June 2018)

Reminder: today is the last day to submit your T1 and T2 augment requests through the ticket system. T3-T5 augments may still be requested via the ticket system moving forward.

Today is also the last day to submit your race change request.

Hokutens Turns 3! (22 June 2018)

Come join us Sunday, June 24th at 2 PM Eastern to celebrate Hokutens' 3rd Birthday! There will be games, prizes, and other fun! Go to the Hokutens 3rd Anniversary page for a recap of the Anniversary Event!

T1 and T2 Augment Changes (12 June 2018)

The first generation augment system for tier 1 and tier 2 is going to be twilighted at the end of this month. Any tickets submitted before the end of the month will be honored. After the end of this month, you will no longer need to turn in a tier 1 and tier 2 augment to get a tier 3 from the original augment list. Tiers 3, 4, and 5 will continue on as before until the new augment system is fully sorted out.

On Ukko's Fury (May 7 2018)

Someone was asking me today about the January "nerf" to ukko's fury. Retail, pre-adoulin the weaponskill had an ftp mod of 2.0 at every tp level. When we implemented the weaponskill here compared to KJ and MT, we buffed it to 2.6 at every level of tp.

In January, we did adjust Ukko's fury to have the following tp mods:
1000 tp: 2.4
2000 tp: 2.5
3000 tp: 2.6

We did not modify its chance to crit, its attack modifier, or its attribute modifier.

I know at the time several people reacted to the message that we had adjusted it, with the predictable ass-hurtedness to be expected; but I figured by now people would have tried it and found it to be the smallest of
adjustments. As this is still coming up 4 months later, here's the big reveal. Ukko's still has great mods, is multi hit, and has, in my opinion, the best added effects (slow and defense down).

Please never darken my door to talk about it again.


April Update (part 3)

Everyone /welcome Vaihilique @base. Vaihilique is your latest daily quest giver. She'll assign you a Monster to defeat once per day, and will reward you with a 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd tier shard for fulfilling her Culling Crusade.

If you forget which monster she has assigned to you, simply return to her and speak to be reminded.

April Update (part 2)


Cyphaireau now has a daily repeatable quest to obtain a special T2 augment shard (Plox yggrete shard II)!

Cyphaireau is going for his Maat's Cap and needs help collecting testimonies. He already has his BLM, WHM, and WAR testimonies, so trade him one of these sets of testimonies for the shard:

These are the only combinations Cyphaireau will accept, and they must be traded at the same time. Happy hunting!

This quest is reset with the Bayld reset NPC, and the shard is only able to be used with Rhap Talashpehn. Don't forget, you must have at least one Tier 1 augment credit in your bank (check with the @aug command). Cyphaireau is in the same hallway as Boirie @base.

April update

So...about that April update...

It's here!...well...kind of...

Truth is, I didn't get as much done this month as I wanted to, I had some company for a week, and other excuses, and etc, and yadda yadda yadda. So, I'll try to come out with a few more things over the coming week, so we will bleed into may for a little bit.

I wanted though to give you guys something new for this weekend, so I'm gonna release what we have done:

1. A new shard quest: Subjob redux. Once per day, reset by the bayld reset npc, you will be able to trade Boirie a set of subjob items from either Buburimbu or Valkurm dunes. She will accept them and grant the following rewards:

If your level is under 37 you will receive one level and a 20% chance at a tier 1 shard.

If you are over 37 you will receive 10 bayld and a 20% chance at a tier 1 shard.

2. The tier 3 reward npc: Maleroune. Located next to the other shard npcs, Maleroune is here to sharpen your weapons! The process is a little different than the tier1 / tier 2 npcs.
1. Have the weapon (mainhand for every job except rng, cor, and bard who should have their item in their ranged slot) EQUPPED, and talk to Maleroune, who will confirm that your weapon/instrument is registered.
2. Then make sure you are on the job required for the augment you desire
3. Trade Maleroune the weapon/instrument and the shard.

Augments obtainable from this npc can be found at:

These changes will be live sometime this afternoon!

Hello everyone! Just want to let you all know as of next spawn, Bismarck has been adjusted to the following:

Enhanced movement speed, less susceptible to gravity and bind. Happy Hunting!

New Quests and Adventures

As many people have noticed, the new augment NPCs are entirely lottery.
We recognize that while more options for types of gear are available to augment, obtaining a shard is a significant commitment in time, and luck in the case of those shards/buds/shells which cannot be locked.

To that end, Gerlbotz will now be accepting Phlox Yggrete Shard I's in addition to the traditional Kirin's shard for Tier 1 augments. "Where can I get these pretty purple stones?!?", you may be wondering. Well, as a team the GMs and Devs are looking for new and exciting quests to bring them to you! Expect to see new options over the next few days!

Please note that while the Kirin shard can be used in both the old and new augment systems, the new P. Yggrete shard I can only be used with the new NPCs.

Today's new quest: Ameretat d'etat. Kill 50 Ameretats in Bhaflau Thickets or Wajaom Woodlands.
See Boirie for your reward. This quest resets daily with the Bayld NPC.

Patch Notes: Feb. 2018

The drop rate of items from ToAU kings has been increased.
The drop rate of Oneiros Pebble from Bismark has been increased.
Hvergelmir has had Magic Damage + added to its base stats.
Gambanteinn has had Cure Potency added to its base stats.
Dagan has had Accession added to its effects on use.
Cure 5 is now affected by Accession.
Myrkr has had Magic Attack Bonus added to its effects on use. Caladbolg has been added to Cyril’s list. It may be obtained by following the regular empy weapon quest and trading Burtgang, Aegis, and Ragnarok
Caladbolg has the following stats in addition to its base status:
- Enhanced Parry
- -20% Magic Damage Taken
- Regen +20
- Accuracy +30
- Physical Damage reduction II -10%
Torcleaver has the following effect:
- Improves Critical Hit rate
- Adds Mythic-type aftermath
- Adds Effect “Dread Spikes”
Twashtar’s enhancement to Sneak Attack and Trick attack has been reduced to 5% from 10%
Redemption has had a decrease in ftp mod from 6.5 to 5.5, but has had an accuracy modifier added to the weaponskill
“Server Notorious Monsters” have been modified to spawn more regularly
A new quest to upgrade Relic/Mythic 75 weapons/shields has been added to the Synergy Furnaces @base. Level 80 Relic and Mythics are now equippable.
-Due to a graphics glitch with the level 80 Yoichinoyumi, when upgrading the bow, you will now receive a Level 75 Yoichinoyumi augmented to match the stats of the level 80 weapon. The upgrade process is the same as for other weapons.

GM Vote Results are In! (17 February 2018)

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for participating in the GM vote this week.

The two new GMs are Indiana and Serise. They will join Cyric, Melame, and Santi on the GM team.

Please give them your support as they step into their new roles.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Marathon, Fishy, or Aydann.

~Dev Team

GM Voting is Currently OPEN (11 February 2018)

Hi Everyone,

Voting is now OPEN for Hoktuens GM. The candidates are: Chown, Indiana, Serise, Tarum, and Taye.

One GM will be selected by popular vote, and the second by random lottery of the remaining candidates.

To cast your vote, go to @base and talk to Gimaulle. Buy the egg from Gimaulle corresponding to the person for whom you are casting your vote and then trade the egg to Gimaulle.

C = Chown
I = Indiana
S = Serise
R = Tarum
Y = Taye

You can only vote once, so be sure you choose the correct candidate the first time - we will not be able to fix an incorrect vote.

Additionally, only main characters in possession of the Atma of the Beyond KI are able to cast votes.

Voting will close on Friday, February 16th.

Dev Team

Important Leadership Announcement (4 February 2018)

Please see the Important Announcement regarding upcoming Hokutens leadership changes.

Host change (29 December 2017)

Hey guys, we're going to be migrating the server to a new host today. You will need to update your client configuration (please note this does not mean you need to update your ffxi config, just your windower/ashita config). If you right click on your icon for windower and go to properties, or for ashita click on your hokutens option and click the pencil to edit the configuration, you'll need to change the current config which should have the ip address, and change it to

Rules Clarification (21 December 2017)

Section 2 of the Rules was modified to clarify "off-limits" zones and Chocobo use.

Ascended Sky Rule Change (24 November 2017)

Ascended Sky Rule Change:

Tier 1 (Warders) -
These will remain unchanged and will not require a call of any sort. These are intended to be done with small groups whenever people see fit.
Tier 2 (Sky Gods, Pakecet and Kammavaka) -
Will now require an informal call, a simple heads up in LS that they are being done will suffice.
Tier 3 (Kirin, Yilan and Hanbi) -
Will now require an informal call as is the same with T2 and will have a minimum number requirement of 7 people to fight (not including alts) once the required number of people are amassed you can start the fight.

In addition, LS lotting rules are to be enforced hence, if you bring an alt you must state before the fight which character you will be rolling on and must follow the one lot per person requirement, this will remain true for all Tiers 1-3. Also, if someone asks to join in they will be included (all tiers) and the 50% rule for bosses will be in effect, unless otherwise agreed upon by everyone included.

-Hokutens Leadership Team

New Content and Content Updates! (18 November 2017)

Ascended Sky is now live! You must have access to Misareaux Coast to access Escha-Ru'Aun. Each entrance to Escha-Ru'Aun costs one Coalition Imprimatur. Three Coalition Imprimaturs are granted each day by talking to Urbano (Bayld/Daily Hunt reset NPC) @base.

Thanksgiving Sea-stravaganza! The following changes have been implemented in Sea:
Sea Jailers + Ix-mobs will drop Heavy Metal Pouches - these will disburse Ancient Beast Coins.
Jailer of Love will now drop Proto-Omega items at the same drop rate as Proto-Omega in Limbus (in addition to regular JoL normal drops).
Absolute Virtue is now live and will pop occasionally on JoL's death. AV will drop Proto-Ultima items (in addition to regular AV drops).

August Month-End Event (24 August 2017)

Join us for the August month-end event on Saturday, August 26th at 4 PM Eastern time!

New Player List (3 August 2017)

The old Hokutens Player List was accidentally deleted. Please review the new list here. If any changes or additions need to be made to the list (Main and/or Alt Character name, or Facebook Name), please message Marathon, Fishy, or Aydann.

Fix applied to certain NMs (29 July 2017)

The issue wherein some placeholders stop respawning on certain lottery spawn nms should now be resolved. If you continue to see a problem with an NM, please put in a ticket.

Fast Tracks are LIVE (29 June 2017)

CoP and Zilart Fast Tracks are live through the weekend! Please make sure you cross-reference FFXICLOPEDIA when running missions, as the Fast Track guides are primarily intended to summarize the shortcut @commands, and not as Mission walk-throughs. If you need help, ask in Linkshell - there are plenty of people happy to jump in and help with a battle or two!

Changes Announced for the Two Year Anniversary (11 June 2017)

  1. The Alexandrite items list has been modified. Mythic weapons have been removed, and you may now purchase the Celadon and/or Zaffe rocks for 40 Alexandrite each to build your Mythic. You will need to level the appropriate craft.
  2. We have introduced a new Daily Hunt! Visit the Daily Hunt page for details. The trophies are exchanged for a new currency, Kinetic Units.
  3. Empyrean Weapons have arrived! Visit the Empyrean Weapons page for details on how to obtain them, as well as their stats.
  4. Experience points have been boosted 60% in Caedarva Mire, Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands and Mount Zhayolm.
  5. Soul Plates now drop from Heraldic Imps and Spongilla Flies @meritcamp imps. The plates still drop from the Puks, Mamool, Birds, and Puddings.
  6. Khatri (NPC @base) no longer sells the Galdr and Strigoi rings. They are now drops from an NM. Khatri does have a rotating stock of highly prized goods. Talk to Khatri for the current selection and Bayld price.
  7. Talk to Rhalo Davigoh @beach to get your Primeval Brew! This is a one-time prize, available only to main characters in possession of the "Atma of the Beyond" Key Item. Check FFXIclopedia for the stats. Note: all natural spawn Wyrms/HNMs (including Bismarck) are subject to normal LS gather and lotting rules. You may not solo these mobs.

Hokutens is turning 2! (8 June 2017)

We hope you can join us Sunday, June 11th at 1 PM Eastern time to celebrate Hokutens Two Year Anniversary (celebrating a little early - actual date is June 23)! Meet us @beach for the unveiling of new content, prize giveaways, and shenanigans!

If you can't make the event on Sunday - have no fear! The new content will be here to stay!

~Hokutens Admin Team

May Month End Event Details (27 May 2017)

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Month End Event!

The Destrier Beret is available from Rhalo Davigoh @beach through the end of May. Please be sure you have one inventory slot open when you talk to her. The Beret is available for both Main Characters and Alternate/Second Characters.

Mythic Weaponskills can now be unlocked!

  1. Use the @mythic shop to purchase the weapon corresponding to the weaponskill you would like to unlock (note: you do NOT have to use the weapon. You do NOT have to have the weapon in your possession for the NM fights).
  2. Defeat the three Treasures of Aht Urhgan Beastman bosses (in any order). You will receive the "Kill Recorded" message once each boss is defeated:
    1. Gulool Ja Ja (located in Mamook)
    2. Gurfurlur the Meanacing (located in Halvung)
    3. Medusa (located in Arrapago Reef)
  3. Trade the weapon to Zalsuhm in Muckvix's Junk Shop to unlock the weaponskill.

Respawn time on the three TOAU bosses is 3-6 hours.

Note: this will unlock the Mythic Weaponskills. It does NOT grant the Mythic Weapons - those are still obtained the same two methods as in the past (Celadon/Zaffre Yggrete Rocks + appropriate craft OR purchase with Alex).

Detailed instructions for reaching the bosses can be found on the Mythic Weaponskills page.

Month End Event - Saturday, May 27 @ 3 PM Eastern

Join us @beach for fun, excitement, and prizes!

Fast Tracks are LIVE (May 25, 2017)

CoP and Zilart Fast Tracks are live through the weekend! Please make sure you cross-reference FFXICLOPEDIA when running missions, as the Fast Track guides are primarily intended to summarize the shortcut @commands, and not as Mission walk-throughs. If you need help, ask in Linkshell - there are plenty of people happy to jump in and help with a battle or two!

Summary of Name Changes (May 10, 2017)

Reminder: at 11:30 PM the server will be down briefly while the name and race change requests are completed.

A number of people are changing there names. Here is the rundown of changes:

Old Name - New Name
Beljaon - Lobo
Flower - Rose
Forby - Mitsuomi
Megatronus - Megatron
Nova - Terminus
Oroboros - Oro
Shael - Bagel
Sparky - Chicago
Terminus - Tracer
Uzuraga - Satan

Planned Server Downtime - May 10th @ 11:30 PM Eastern

(cross-posted from Facebook)

The server will be down tomorrow (Wednesday, May 10th) at 11:30 PM Eastern time for approximately 15 minutes to complete the database updates necessary for the race and name change requests.

Do NOT update your client.

We will remind players in-game tomorrow night as well. Thank you in advance for your patience.

~Admin Team

Name or Race Change Requests are OPEN! (May 6, 2017)

Edit May 8th - Name/Race change requests are now CLOSED.

(cross-posted from Facebook)

For a limited-time only, we will be accepting RACE and NAME change requests! This is a one-time change, so please consider carefully before submitting your request!

All requests must be placed through the ticket system here. We will not complete requests made in-game.

To make a name change request, please submit your current name and desired new name.

To make a race (or gender) change request, please create a new character of the desired race and/or gender on the SAME account as your current character. Name it "CharacterTwo" where Character is your name (i.e. AydannTwo). Please put your current and new character names in the ticket. Keep in mind that if you change races, any RSE will not work with your new character.

We will be accepting requests through Monday night. Please see Aydann, Fishy, or Marathon with any questions.


~Hokutens Admin Team

Hokutens Leaders - Voting Complete! (May 6, 2017)

Congratulations to the newly-elected Hokutens Leaders!


Changes - March 2017

Hop on over to the Change Log/Update Notes page for a summary of several changes made in March 2017.

Hokutens Leadership Changes (March 8, 2017)

Effective March 8th, Mizzy has stepped away from Hokutens to take care of his family and other real life issues. Marathon has taken over the day-to-day operations of Hokutens. Please see the Leadership Changes page or Facebook for Mizzy's and Marathon's posts regarding the change.

Jadamo/Bakka's Wing Changes (March 11, 2017)

Cross-posted from Facebook

Oops! Jadamo over bought! Everything must go!

The concern has been raised that Dynamis seems to be taking over the server in the wake of opening it up to a less restrictive schedule as people race for that next Relic with Daily Dynamis runs leaving no time for other events. Also that the amount of currency available for trade is less than what it used to be (Recent studies by the Accredited Moogle Network show this not to be the case, but that investors are holding on to their currency tighter than before). Referring to my first post, from an Admin point of view, I would say don't run Dynamis everyday, enjoy other aspects of the game, have that next relic take a little while longer to obtain, and prolong your experience on the server. I realize, however, that I am just the 'Voice of the Man' and do everything in my power to 'keep the little guy down' and no one will listen to that advice.

So, to hopefully alleviate the feelings of needing to do Dynamis everyday to stay on relic progression, the reward distribution of Jadamo has been changed. Many activities on the server reward Bakka wings. Jadamo, has recently received a huge shipment of Ancient Currency and is looking to clear his stock. The chance to receive currency has been slightly increased with an even chance across all three. The minimum payout is now 2 with the rare possibility of obtaining 3. Considering the time commitment to complete a Dynamis vs. the time commitment to obtain Bakka Wings, this should easily bridge any perceived decrease in currency flow and will hopefully encourage other events while still obtaining currency.

Disclaimer: Balance and longevity is still our top priority. We will continue to monitor both and if this breaks either by an influx of currency due to spamming both Dynamis and Bakkas, we will look to revise again.


The Refer-A-Friend reward of a level 37 job is limited to one referral per player. Details about the Refer-A-Friend program may be found here.
Thank you,
Hokutens Leadership

Nexus Cape

The Nexus cape is no longer available from the Tenshodo coffer. Flige @base will give you one, and only one. If you drop it, it will not be restored.


Dynamis may only be completed once per real-life day, and the clock resets at midnight Eastern time.


ALL Limbus zones are off limits until further notice. We are actively working to get Limbus working so that it does not crash the server.

WSNM Quests

Active WS Quests (22nd September): Evisceration, Ground Strike, Tachi: Kasha, Asuran Fists, Savage Blade, Black Halo, Steel Cyclone, Detonator, Empyreal Arrow, and Sprial Hell. You must pick up the quest from the same quest giver as in retail. With the trial weapon equipped in your main hand, you must do 150 of the WS you are trying to unlock. Other WS will not count. There is no bonus from doing skillchains. It's a straight 150 of the quested WS with the trial weapon. Your latent WILL NOT break when you reach 150 WS, so be sure to keep track. After doing 150 of the quested WS, trade the weapon in, fight the NM, and return to the quest giver for your WS!

Server IP address

The Hokutens server has been migrated to the cloud!

The new IP is

To change this, right click on your Windower icon, select Properties, select Target and change the old IP to Apply and close and you should be good to go.

REQUIRED: Register Your Main/Alt

Please Register your Alt Character. This is Mandatory, Ill be adding it to the rules. This is to keep track of certain things, while our Server has custom Events, Mobs, Ect. We do not want double dipping going on. There is a link in the "Pinned Post" on Facebook or you can Go to Spreadsheet

Thanks, Leadership

Past Items - Latest News

Go to the Archived Latest News page for content previously found on this page.