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Jail Time Tiers

We have had an extensive amount of drama lately. With that said, we are going to be far less tolerant going forward. If you cannot conduct yourself in a manner befitting of an adult, you are going to sit in jail. We have had numerous complaints by people who feel greatly uncomfortable when drama is going on. So, with that in mind, we are introducing a tier system. First and foremost; three strikes and you are out. That is more than gracious for adults. We will be keeping track of your offenses and the screenshots of them.

This will be tracked by character name in the screen shots. So, please don’t give out your login information. Keep it to yourself!

Permanent Ban:

1. Real life exchanges of money. This includes selling Alex, Currency, Power Leveling and any other exchanges made to advance in the game using real money.

2. Excessive drama. If you can't conduct yourself as an adult and see drama as your only your outlet to get things resolved, we don't need you.

3. Any hacking of any kind. Speed, Claim, Clipping, etc.

Final Warning:

1. Impersonating a GM. If you present yourself as authority without having any authority.

A final warning means any offense, in any of the tiers will see you gone. This is the one exception to the strike rule.

72 Hour Ban

1. Botting. This means using a computer program that allows you to complete tasks while AFK to repeat tasks for you.

48 Hours

1. GM Power Abuse. This applies to all GMs. If you present evidence (screenshots) of GM abuse of power and excessive harassment from a GM, they will be jailed. Complaints of abuse are reviewed by the SGMs who don't play.

2. Double Lotting on items. You are allowed to lot one item from any HNM. If you own the pop item, you can lock one item. If you want to set up your own rules for a private event, you can, but it must be agreed upon by all parties prior to the fight with a SS of those rules being agreed upon. It is highly recommend taking a SS of you stating which item you are wanting to lock as well.

12 Hours

1. Griefing people. Training, claiming mobs they were going for in order to intimidate them to leave, camping at an NM camp while they were there first in an attempt to claim against them.

3 Hours

1. Offensive skill up macros. You are allowed to level self-enhancing with script macros as outlined on the Wiki (http://wiki.hokutens.com/index.php?title=Rules, Rule #12).

2. Power-Leveling. This means being a higher level player outside the party of a low level person curing them to grab hate while the player leveling tries to kill the mob for EXP. Currently it will grant you 0 experience points if healed from outside, but if there is a glitch, etc. do not take advantage.

3. Leaving an alt-character at an NM camp while playing on another character elsewhere.

4. Dual-boxing at events. This will also result in the loss of items on the alt character.

5. Partying or soloing on top of an existing party. There are plenty of camps, get your own.

Warnings/Short Term Jailings (less than 3 hours).

1. Character Naming Issues. Any name used to harass another player. Spoofing, mocking, etc. This could be a more serious issue depending on circumstance.

2. Disobeying the direction of a leader such as being asked to not to involve yourself in someone else's drama or ignoring requests to stop chat that may be offensive to someone.

3. Being disrespectful. If you're unsure if it is, it probably is.

4. Exploiting a glitch. Such as nuking from the stairs in Gusgen Mines.

All rules include, but are not limited, to the above. Do not try to be a lawyer and find a loophole. All in all, we are happy that you are here to support this server. Remember, the leadership team are players too and we want to enjoy it right along side you.

As of the day of this posting, everyone is on equal ground. Conduct yourself with respect and honesty, we will do the same.