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Important Server Information and Links

Server IP Address:

Hokutens Website

Hokutens Wiki

Server Rules

Setup Guide

Update Guide (Only update when directed by an Admin)

Troubleshooting/Known Error Messages (Check here first if you encounter an issue)

Help Desk Ticket System (Please use this system to request assistance or to make a suggestion or complaint)

Player List

Alternate Character Registration (All players are required to register their Alternate/Second character, if they have one)

Facebook Group (Closed group - member requests are usually aproved within an hour. Best way to keep up with current events)

Hokutens Crafting Facebook Group (Connect with other crafters, offer items for sale, place crafting requests)

Hokutens Customizations (Spreadsheet detailing custom content, drops, etc. Thank you to Swishytail for putting this together!)

Detailed Maps (Highly recommended)

Teamspeak (Teamspeak Server is

XBox Controller Issues (Configuring/Troubleshooting XBox controller)

Eliminating UAC Prompts

Official Forums (Not frequently used - the Facebook group is used regularly)

Pimp My Gear

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