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If you require the assistance of a GM, please ask for a GM online. You should seek assistance from the lowest tier GM available. They will escalate your issue if they can't help.

Please remember that everyone on this page works for free. Each person loves to play the same game you do and enjoys their free time, too. Have patience, be courteous and remember: we are here to help and there is no favoritism. If you feel like a GM is not helping you or your problem seemed to get bumped back or forgotten, please speak with a Tier 5 GM on game or on Facebook.

Server Owner/Founders


Senior GMs

Tier 5

These are alts for Chops and Mizzy. If you require one of these GMs, you must have severely fucked up.

Original (Chops) 
Unoriginal (Mizzy) 

Tier 4

Can perform most game functions and can help with all situations. If you are at this level, your issue could take some time to fix. Please understand some things are more challenging than others.


GM/Mentor Coordinator

Can perform some game functions and help with many situations. Supports and guides the Mentor team.


GM Review

You can fill out a report, good or bad, on a GM. This will let the Server Admins see how the GMs are doing. This is confidential. GM Survey