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We are not a Pay to Play server, We are also not a Play to Win Server. All work is done voluntarily. There have been many requests to open donations so here it is.

Donations will be accepted for Non Profit purposes (including: Helping to Pay for hosting costs, server upgrades, and advertising dollars to help build the community). No money will be kept for personal gain.

The game server and test server are ran on a dedicated server in a hosted environment, it is not free.

You can donate to Chops via facebook, or by sending money to via PayPal.

So you know: We are based off of the Darkstar project, only a fraction of the code running was done by Chops, Mizzy or Sonic. Although we have put 100's of hours into scripts, and code we are not the originators of the code here and only take credit where due. This is why I am not willing take money for personal gain.