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Click here to see the current list of NMs and trophies that can be turned in.
Bring the Trophy to Sigiswald @base to receive your reward. Up to two trophies can be turned in per day.
You can also trade in a few special items that are gained from the casino an/or bakka wings, these items still count as 1 of your 2 daily trade in limit.
Alexandrites value 20 per trade.
1 one EACH dynamis hundred piece, value:15(example:trade at jadeshell/silverpiece/hundredbill AT THE SAME TIME for 15 KU)
Kupon A-Ab, value 25 per trade in. Kupon A-ASYW, value 50 per trade in.
Kupon A-De, value 250 per trade in, also note only this kupon does NOT count towards daily trade in limit.

You may also turn in a bronze, silver, or gold ingot for a one-time conversion of bayld to Kinetic Units.
Note: You may only trade one ingot, one time, total. You CANNOT trade one of each!
Gold = 1500 bayld converted to KU
Silver = 1000 bayld converted to KU
Bronze = 500 bayld converted to KU