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There are two NPC's that you can talk to @base. Talking to Odersille will give you a random amount of "Bayld" 
that can be used to purchase the items below. This is not meant to be a fast reward, although we are looking into some 
small priced items that are not obtainable otherwise.
Once you talk to Odersille you need to talk to Urbano or you will not be able to reset your Daily. The Daily Reward can only 
be rewarded once per server midnight (12am EST)


The NPCs that you need to trade with are as follows:

* Luca for craft items. (Main Character W/ KI)
* Michaela is for craft items. (ALT Characters)
* Synergy Engineer (behind the counter, to the right of Michaela) will trade you for ALEX Pouches. (KI Only)
* You can get to them by going to Rhind Mhikkrol.
* You need Sky access in order to be ported there. This does not mean you cant collect Bayld though.


  • Players Main Character's will be able to purchase craft items for the price listed but Alt characters may purchase them for double the price.
  • Since this still needs work and not completed. The needed field will be a craft item you can purchase for 1 gil by using the @craft shop. It is just to distinguish between items for the same amount of currency as a menu cannot be replicated. It will work similar to the alex list.
  • Please contact a GM by submitting a ticket to be granted the KI for purchasing the Coin Purse on MAIN characters only. Knowingly requesting and cheating GMs into granting more than 1 character controlled by yourself the KI will result in a ban, for all characters involved.
Item Trade Item Bayld Needed (Mains @ Luca) Bayld Needed (Alts @ Michaela)
Coin Purse ( 5-10 Alex) Luminous Core + KI 275 Bayld Must talk to Synergy Engineer Not Available
Stack of Divine logs Yew Log 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Stack of Damascene Cloth Arachne Web 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen V. Claws Bone Chip 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Cerberus Hides Eft Skin 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Behemoth Hides Bugard Skin 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Siren's Hair Silk Thread 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Siren's Macrame Silk Cloth 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Galateia Amber 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Damascus Ingot Brass Ingot 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Cashmere Cloth Brilliant Gold Thread 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Dragon Talons Marid Tusk 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Dragon Blood Bloodthread 210 Bayld 420 Bayld
Dozen Wyrm Horn Wyvern Wing 210 Bayld 420 Bayld