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Corsair Limit Break

  1. To reach the level cap of 75, you need to find all 5 staging points in the ToAU area.
  2. Once you find each one, please use the @where command
  3. Take a screenshot of the text and staging point
  4. once all 5 are completed, post them to FaceBook or send them to Mizzy or Chops in a message.

Corsair Artifact Armor

  • For receiving the 6 pieces of Artifact Armor for COR, including weapon, head, body, hands, legs, and feet you must

complete some tasks.

  1. You must go to 3 different locations and find 3 coffer keys.
  2. You need to open each coffer at each location and typing @where so there is a location on the screen
  3. Take a screen shot of you opening the coffer (text on screen) with the x y z (#) on the screen in the text.
  4. Send the screens to any GM on Facebook and you will receive the AF from Chops or Mizzy