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Chains of Promathia Sea Access

I will update this but for now i just want to get it out there for ppl. You may
need to follow an online guide at some points if you get lost.
these are my mental notes for the script and will fix it to a more readable page soon.
If you have any questions just message me on FB. Also if you need to travel to a city you
should already know the commands.

Chapter 1-1 Rites of Life:

 CoP Fast Track, This will be unlocked when there are scheduled times.
                                                START HERE
  • Type @cop 1

- Head to Delkfutt's Tower in Qufim for a cutscene once you zone in.

  • Type @cop 2
 This should give you a CS and Put you next to Monberaux for the next part, if not
 Zone back out and into Upper Jeuno for CS

- Visit Monberaux's place @ (G-10) in the Infirmary for a cutscene. After talking to Monberaux, you will obtain the key item, Mysterious Amulet.

Chapter 1-2 Below the Arks:

  • Type @cop 3

- Head to Pherimociel, who is downstairs at (G-6) inside the door of the guards for a cutscene.

  • Type @cop 4

- To Harith, ru lude gardens

  • Note: At this point, you can choose to start at any of the crags and finish in any order.*
  • Type @dem
 and head to the Shattered teleport. 

 Once inside the promivion
  • Type @cop 5
 This takes you to the boss.
 When the Fight is over 
  • Type @holla
 Once inside the promivion
  • Type @cop 6
 This takes you to the boss.
 When the Fight is over 
  • Type @mea
 Once inside the promivion
  • Type @cop 7
 This takes you to the boss.
 Your mission objective will change after you defeat your first BC.
 After finishing the last Promyvion (holla, dem, mea) you find your self in Lufaise Meadows,

Chapter 2

  • Type @cop 8 to put you outside the Stronghold were you will zone in for a CS.
  • Type @cop 9
 At k-9 go to the walnut door (should be right were you warped)

 talk to Despachiaire at k-10 
  • Then type @cop 10
 This will put you at the bottom at the door to the aquaducts.
 Touch the door for a CS
  • Once inside the auqaducts
Type @cop 11 
this will place you next to the Minotaur.
  • After the Minotaur Fight
 Type @cop 12 to put you next to a Ladder, touch the ladder for a CS!
  • once the CS is finished,
 Type @cop 13 
 This will bring you to the book shelf with a ??? hit it to unlock the secret room and head in.
  • Once inside the room you just unlocked with the bookcase
 Type @cop 14
 Then go ahead and check the Ornate gate for a CS

  • Return to Tavnazian Safehold. Escape will bring you there.
 Or Type @cop 15 to bring you right to Justinius.
  • After CS head up to the walnut door for another CS.
  • Once done Type @cop 16
 At I-11  check the Dilapidated Gate for a cutscene.
  • Now that the CS is over Head back to Tav. Safehold and head for the Bridge for another CS
 Typing @cop 17 will take you there, but i suggest zoning back outside and back in then head for the Bridge for the CS
 Make sure your mission log changed after CS to Ancient Vows
  • Type @cop 18 to bring you to another Dilapitated Gate and a CS.
 Enter Spatial Displacement located at (D-6) 

  • Once inside the Rivine site #A
 Type @cop 19 this will take you to Monarch linn for a fight against 3 Mammots.

Chapter 3-1: Call of the Wrymking

1 Head to port bastok to travel agency 

check the departure door to agency. Head to cid @cop 20

2 next type @travel lower jueno head to neptunes spire

next type @travel Rulude gardens and go to the grand duke palace approach the stairs for final cutscene

3 zone to south sandoria and zone into Northern Sandoria if your on mission Road Forks
type @cop 21  and talk to Arnau
Next talk to chasalvige in the manuscripts room just left of the entrance of the church
next type @cop 22  talk to  Guilloud to spawn 2 NM's 
next talk to  Guilloud after the fight
next type @cop 23 talk to  Hinaree
next type @cop 24 and talk to ohbiru-dohbiru
next type @cop 25 talk to yoran-Oran* 
next type @cop 26and talk to Kyume-Romeh
next type @cop 27  and talk to Honoi-Gomoi to recieve a KI
return to Yoran -Oran* (@cop 25)
@cop 28 click the loose sand to pop NM

once killed youll be on top of the mountain click the point in front of you to get 3 KI after return to yoran oran doing Cop 25)

then @cop 29 talk to  Yujuju (u may have to talk twice
then @cop 30    talk to Tosuka Porika 
go back to Yoran again @cop 25)

Finally go back and talk to cid @cop 20 you may have to talk to him twice

Zone into lower jueno for a CS, Then touch the tenshodo headquarters to get final CS
first go to upper Jueno and talk with monberaux in the infirmary
Next go to @cop 31 and get a grey chip from the spiders
head back to @travel lower jueno and back to neptunes spire and trade the chip to Ghebi Damomohe to recieve the Pso Xja Pass
Next @cop 32 grab the crystal and head to maw for a fight (diablos)
go back to upper jueno after fight and talk to Monberaux again for final CS

Chapter 4

You Can Now Enter Dreamland Dynamis's

Travel to taven safehold to get a CS when zoning in @cop 8 brings you outside of safehold
then @cop 33 talk to Despachiaire (make sure its CS with tenzen)
Then talk to Justinius on top floor near Despachiaire for talk
check dilapitaded gate @cop 34
next @cop 35 touch gate and zone to rivine site B

once in Rivine Site B do @cop 36 then go in BCNM ouryu fight

head back to Justinius @cop 15 do this twice because it starts the next mission to head to the sancrium.

At this part i would use this guide to help you along with the Sacrarium
cop mission guide 
Click on the walnut door after Justinius talks about the sancrium. at K-7
@cop 37 click on door **You must touch the sancrium entrance and get a CS and wait for it to finish before you can do @cop 38 (next part)

after going inside to the sancrium type @cop 38 to bring you to formars to kill for coral crest key.

- follow the online mission details for this part. Its kinda long and just a pain. Once you finish with everything in here and on the guide above
to get through the the sancrium, you can follow the rest of the guide.

-Go to taven safehold Head to walnut door at k-10 Despachiaire for a cutscene. Head to the basement of Tavnazian Safehold and zone into Sealion's Den @ (H-9). Inspect the Iron Gate at (H-6) inside Sealion's Den to end the mission.

-Warp to Bastok markets and zone into port bastok for a CS and start of chapter 5 (the return home)
Head to cid @cop 20
Enter Pso'Xja at (F-7) in Beaucedine Glacier for a cutscene. @cop 39
Follow the path forward, until you find a stone door. Check it, and the Golem named Nunyunuwi will spawn
After you defeat the Golem touch the stone door again and proceed foward and down the elevator.

follow the path once you reach the bottom to another stone door for a CS. NOTE: Currently there is a known issue that if you leave Promyvion-Vahzl before completing the quest (3 NMs + Spire Boss) you will be unable to re-enter without GM assistance.

IMPORTANT:You're not in the spire of vahzl, you need to complete this the correct way by killing and traveling up to the spire.

After defeating the 3 NM's and the CS you'll be ported outside of beaucidine glacier.

Warp to the metalworks in bastok and talk to Cid. @cop 20 i chose tenzens path first

The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen's Path) use @cop 40 next do @cop 41 zone into pso'xja

once you zone in type @cop42 and touch the avatar door for cs

next travel to upper jueno -Talk to Monberaux in the Infirmary Monberaux at Upper Jeuno (G-10).

Obtain: KeyItemEnvelope from Monberaux

Talk to Pherimociel in the Guard Post of the Ducal Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens (G-6)

to get a cutscene involving Wolfgang. (NOTE: You may have to talk to him twice to get the CS.
Make sure you get the one with Wolfgang).

Talk to Monberaux again. (no cutscene)

next do @cop 43 touch the ??? for cs  and then a second time for a KeyItem Delkfutt Recognition Device.
Be sure to examine it twice!!

Next @cop 44 to spawn NM, Check the gate after the fight for a cutscene. next do @cop 45 zone into pso;jxo get cs after cs move alittle and do

@cop 46 and touch the avatar door.

after the cs travel to cid again. @cop 20 this completes this path.

Next path to find prish: 

Go to (A-6) of Southern San d'Oria and talk to Hinaree in the Count Caffaule's Manor for a cutscene. Enter Port San d'Oria for another cutscene. Go to the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria and talk to Chasalvige in the manuscript room at (L-6), the first door on the left as you enter. then go to (Southern) Windurst Waters and talk to Kerutoto in the Rhinostery (you may have to talk twice) its the cs with diablos Next, talk to Yoran-Oran at (E-5) @cop 25 for a cutscene

next type @cop 47 boneyard gully) head across the clearing to the north to find a wall of Dark Miasma. 

Examine it and enter the battlefield for Head Wind.

next type @cop 48 takes you to next fight

after the fight, travel to cid once more to be on the final path.

Talk to Despachiaire @cop 33
Talk to Perih Vashai in Windurst Woods at (K-7) for a cutscene

type @beach and head to the warmachine at H-11 type @cop 49 you should get a cs if not zone out and zone back in. after cs, type @cop 50 after the fight go talk to cid @cop 20

after you talk to cid you need to go back and farm a "Gold Key" (@cop 49)

once you have the gold key go and trade it to the mineshaft entrance @cop 50 after the cs go back and finish 3 paths by talking with cid @cop 20 for the final time check your log and make sure you progressed to the next mission.

For whom the verse is sung mission

Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and talk to Pherimociel at (G-6), inside the Guard Post of the Grand Duke Palace for a cutscene. It may take a few tries to get the correct dialogue. Head to Upper Jeuno and click on the door to the Marble Bridge Eatery at (F-7) for a cutscene. Zone back into Ru'Lude Gardens for a cutscene.

Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and approach the Grand Duke Palace for a cutscene. (6-2 mission)
@cop 51 touch the dilapitated gate for a fight.

Upon defeating the Spheroids, check the gate again for another cutscene.

Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and talk to Pherimociel at (G-6) for a cutscene. This may yet again need a few tries for the correct dialogue.

Check the Audience Chamber door upstairs at (H-6) for a cutscene. Head to Selbina and talk to Mathilde at (H-9), inside of the Weavers' Guild, for a cutscene.

Head to Cid and talk with him for a cs travel to tavenzian safehold and enter the sealions den for a quick cs examine the iron gate ahead to enter the battlefield "one to be feared" this is a big fight I had to zone out into lufaise meadows for the cs and start of chapter 7

Enter Sealion's Den, south on the bottom floor at (H-9). Examine the Sewer Entrance to Phomiuna Aqueducts, northeast on the bottom floor. Examine the Walnut Door on the top floor of Tavnazian Safehold, at (K-7), not to be confused with the one at (K-9).

type @cop 18 touch the gate.

Head to Sealion's Den and talk to Sueleen at (H-6) (NPC next to gate) You may have to speak with her twice to get the cutscene, which is very brief. Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and approach the Palace at (H-7). Head to Upper Jeuno and check the Marble Bridge Door at (F-7).

@cop 50 to mineshaft and touch the gate.

Head to Metalworks and talk to Cid @cop 20 Optional: Talk to Cid again right after for a short cutscene. Wait until the next game day then talk to Cid again.

This next part is 3 NM's you must kill the NM and touch the ??? after you defeat each one for a cs
Head to Misareaux Coast and check a Storage Compartment in the shed at E-7 to spawn the NM bugard Boggelmann. @cop 52
After the fight do @cop 53
Buff up and select the ??? to spawn the NM-Cryptonberry Executor

@cop 54Buff up and select the ??? to spawn an NM Sea Monk named Dalham

Talk to Cid in the Metalworks (H-8) for a cutscene. @cop 20

You will receive KeyItemLetters from Ulmia and Prishe after the cutscene with Cid. Talk to Sueleen in the Sealion's Den (H-6) for a cutscene.

Tenzen fight- Touch the gate in sealion's Den to initiate. Its soloable.

Sea Access