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October Alex List Update (6 October 2018)

Go to the Alexandrite items page for details!

The items that Khatri @base used to carry (rotating stock of armor purchased by Bayld) are now carried by Jaicedion for either 15 or 20 Alex and a common trade item.

September update #1 (September 8th 2018)

Happy Saturday Change Log!

1. Sea
a. Jailors Justice, Prudence, and Hope now have a chance of dropping a random piece from Omega or Ultima (hands, feet, and head - yes you still need to fight Love and AV)!
b. Jailor of Love has had the spawn time between waves of mobs reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds. Drop rates of Legs and Body from Homam have been increased; head, feet, and hands have been reduced.
c. Absolute Virtue drop rates of Legs and Body from the Nashira set have been increased; head, feet, and hands have been reduced.

2. Blue mage Adjustment part 1.
a. Blue mage will now natively obtain Dual wield I at 75. To equip an off hand weapon, you must use the equip set function.
b. Vertical Cleave will now grant 10 Blue Magic Skill and 10 attack when equipped.
c. Disseverment will now add 10 blue magic skill and 5 Magic attack bonus when equipped
d. Mind blast will now add 5 blue magic skill and 5 magic attack bonus when equipped.
e. Ice break will now add 5 blue magic skill and 5 magic attack bonus when equipped.

3. Ascended Sky
a. The Registrar of Deeds in Escha Ru'Aun will now accept your fully upgraded Ebur gear (Stage 5) and will return the Ebon Version of the gear. The Ebon version wraps up all of the augments into the piece itself, allowing further augments to be added. (The additional stats do not appear on the graphic for the item, they are hidden).

Bug fix (August 11th 2018)

Due to ongoing issues with the t1 and t2 npcs being greedaloxes, there will no longer be an augment system.

Just kidding. Gerlbotz and Rhap Talashpehn now work like the t3 augment npc.
You have to equip the item you want to augment, talk to the npc, then trade them the item and the shard together. If you put the shard in slot 1, the npcs will slap you, but they'll no longer eat your item.

They say they're sorry

Patch information (July 15th 2018)

Torcleaver has been updated so that paladin no longer gains the effect of dreadspikes when using samurai has a subjob. (melame says "sorry", chown).
Sam MAIN will benefit from a reduced version of the enhanced defender while under the effect of Seigan, Hasso will cancel these effects.
An error wherein berserk was giving reduced enmity has been removed.
An oversight in which berserk did not cancel out the effects of the "enhanced defender" upon usage, has been corrected.
Aftermath on Catastrophy and Quietus has been updated to be Ability haste instead of gear haste.

Patch information (July 9th 2018)

Quick update this morning:
1. Race changes have been processed
2. Chloris buds / glavoid shells have been removed as drops from NMs. If you have leftover shells or buds, Galloping Chocobo @base will accept them in lieu of Ancient Beast Coins.
3. Jaggity Eared Jack will now drop Vatical Fragments.
4. Ridill can now be equipped on Blue mage via equipset
5. An issue where the "nomad moogle" NPC @base would not properly change your job has been addressed.
6. Probably some other stuff I forgot.

July Patch information (July 7th 2018)

An error where the usky mini gods were giving the same shard rewards as the popped gods in sky has been corrected.


April Patch information ( April 2018)

So...about that April update...

It's here!...well...kind of...

Truth is, I didn't get as much done this month as I wanted to, I had some company for a week, and other excuses, and etc, and yadda yadda yadda. So, I'll try to come out with a few more things over the coming week, so we will bleed into may for a little bit.

I wanted though to give you guys something new for this weekend, so I'm gonna release what we have done:

1. A new shard quest: Subjob redux. Once per day, reset by the bayld reset npc, you will be able to trade Boirie a set of subjob items from either Buburimbu or Valkurm dunes. She will accept them and grant the following rewards:

If your level is under 37 you will receive one level and a 20% chance at a tier 1 shard.

If you are over 37 you will receive 10 bayld and a 20% chance at a tier 1 shard.

2. The tier 3 reward npc: Maleroune. Located next to the other shard npcs, Maleroune is here to sharpen your weapons! The process is a little different than the tier1 / tier 2 npcs.
1. Have the weapon (mainhand for every job except rng, cor, and bard who should have their item in their ranged slot) EQUPPED, and talk to Maleroune, who will confirm that your weapon/instrument is registered.
2. Then make sure you are on the job required for the augment you desire
3. Trade Maleroune the weapon/instrument and the shard.

Augments obtainable from this npc can be found at:

These changes will be live sometime this afternoon!

Hello everyone! Just want to let you all know as of next spawn, Bismarck has been adjusted to the following:

Enhanced movement speed, less susceptible to gravity and bind. Happy Hunting!

March Patch information (29 January 2018)

An error which would allow completion of level 80 mythic / relic weapons without killing the Treasures Kings has been corrected.

Quests for Blade: Ku and Impulse Drive have been implemented

The drop rate on Kirin’s Pole has been increased

A new NPC @base will accept a weapon or armor and an A. Ygg. Shard I (augment shard from kirin) and return the weapon or armor with an augment based on whether you are currently on a Melee, Mage, or Ranged job. See Gerlbotz for more details.

A new NPC @base will accept a weapon or armor and an A. Ygg. Shard II (augment shard from Jailor of love) and return the weapon or armor with an augment based on whether you are currently on a Melee, Mage or Ranged job. See Rhap Talashpehn for more details.

An item may be augmented more than once, but it will overwrite any previous augment.

More Augment information can be found at:

A new command has been added: @aug allows you track your “Augment Bank”. The augment bank allows you to use increasing levels of augment npcs. Completing a tier 1 augment on any piece of armor or weapon will allow you, with the proper shard, to complete a tier 2 augment on the same piece, or another piece of your choosing.

A new fight has been added to Ascended Sky. 20 High Kindred Crests can be traded to begin the fight. This fight has 3 phases, so watch that treasure pool!
The Naga-Raja fight can drop the following:
First tier aptants
Yilan aptants
Hanbi’s pop item
Hadean Abj. Body
Phantasm Abj. Body
Linen alex purse
Windbuffet belt
Seigneur Shield

The Seigneur Shield has been modified; it has its original stats plus the following:
Shield size changed to 5
Converts a portion of damage taken to mp

January Patch information (17 January 2018)

Job Ability Changes
1. BLM Elemental Seal will now act as a hate shed.
2. PLD Cover will now steal a portion of hate from the target and redirect it toward the PLD.

Weaponskill Changes
1. Ukko's Fury has had an ftp mod at 1000tp
2. Insurgency will now shed a portion of the player's enmity on the target it is used upon.

Spell Changes
1. Elemental Ni spells have had a significant enmity bonus added to them, both CE and VE that is not dependent on spell damage.
2. Absorb tp now has a minimum amount of tp that can be asorbed.

New Content
1. The Mastery system has been introduced, as well as a new command: @mastery. By completing new content, players will be able to unlock unique bonuses for their characters. This will be constantly evolving content, allowing the player to choose from a large variety of bonuses from many challanges, and may have up to two masteries socketed.
Today we are releasing the first two:

Mastery: Year of the Dog (1% Triple Attack, 3 MACC)
Mastery: ToAU Kings (+1 refresh)

Socketed Masterys are activated by signet.

Some Mastery options may only be available for a short period of time.

Addendum, because i smashed enter too early:

1. KU NMs that previously spawned immediately upon server reset will now have a variable delay in their post server reset spawn time, and will behave normally after that spawn.

2. A correction has been made to the function of Berserker's torque. Previously it provided tp but in the wrong amount, and did not drain hp. This has been changed to correct both values.


New Server Address! (29 December 2017)

The new server address is

Job Adjustments (23 December 2017)

1. Defender adjustment: The enhanced defender will no longer apply to Thief, and berserk will cancel the effects of defender for those classes who get the "enhanced version." Those jobs who do not benefit from the enhanced defender will see no change.

2. Collaborator adjustment: Thief will now gain the effects of our "enhanced defender" upon using Collaborator. This effect will last longer than the recast of Collaborator.

3. Chant du Cygne adjustment: Chant du Cygne will now also grant a similar buff to Migawari. This buff applies after using the weaponskill and will be removed upon taking damage that would have removed 75% of the player's max hp, or the timer running out between weaponskills. The effect will negate the total damage on that hit.

4. Dragoon adjustment: Jump will now grant haste (magic type). This buff will last the same amount of time as the recast on jump.

5. Monk adjustment: Using Dodge will now result in a partial enmity shed.

These changes are now live, and will be evaluated over the coming weeks for impact.

Ascended Sky Rule Change (24 November 2017)

Ascended Sky Rule Change:

Tier 1 (Warders) -
These will remain unchanged and will not require a call of any sort. These are intended to be done with small groups whenever people see fit.
Tier 2 (Sky Gods, Pakecet and Kammavaka) -
Will now require an informal call, a simple heads up in LS that they are being done will suffice.
Tier 3 (Kirin, Yilan and Hanbi) -
Will now require an informal call as is the same with T2 and will have a minimum number requirement of 7 people to fight (not including alts) once the required number of people are amassed you can start the fight.

In addition, LS lotting rules are to be enforced hence, if you bring an alt you must state before the fight which character you will be rolling on and must follow the one lot per person requirement, this will remain true for all Tiers 1-3. Also, if someone asks to join in they will be included (all tiers) and the 50% rule for bosses will be in effect, unless otherwise agreed upon by everyone included.

-Hokutens Leadership Team

New Content and Content Updates! (18 November 2017)

Ascended Sky is now live! You must have access to Misareaux Coast to access Escha-Ru'Aun. Each entrance to Escha-Ru'Aun costs one Coalition Imprimatur. Three Coalition Imprimaturs are granted each day by talking to Urbano (Bayld/Daily Hunt reset NPC) @base.

Thanksgiving Sea-stravaganza! The following changes have been implemented in Sea:
Sea Jailers + Ix-mobs will drop Heavy Metal Pouches - these will disburse Ancient Beast Coins.
Jailer of Love will now drop Proto-Omega items at the same drop rate as Proto-Omega in Limbus (in addition to regular JoL normal drops).
Absolute Virtue is now live and will pop occasionally on JoL's death. AV will drop Proto-Ultima items (in addition to regular AV drops).

Bismarck Job Ability Correction (24 September 2017)

The job ability "Thar She Blows" now properly implements the Doom timer/effect. Stock up on those Holy Waters, as the timer will now reach zero!

Added Command (22 September 2017)

Added @mythicstatus. This command will let you know which of the TOAU kings you have killed.

Adjustment to Wildfire and HNM pops (30 August 2017)

Circumstances wherein the weaponskill Wildfire was not consuming ammunition upon use have been corrected.

Modifications have been made to the HNM (Faf/Nid, Behe/KB, Ada/Aspid) pop system. NQ pops may be more frequent, and HQ pops will be based on TOD and/or number of NQ kings killed. Drop rate of HQ pop items may be changed depending on impact, though no change has been made as of yet.

Adjustments to Wildfire and Jishnu's Radiance (24 August 2017)

Mythic Aftermaths have been implemented on these weaponskills.

Mythic Weaponskill Fight Adjustments (19 August 2017)

Gurfurlur's attack has been adjusted.

Auction House Updates (19 August 2017)

Several foods were removed from the Auction House.

Pandemonium Warden Loot Addition (2 August 2017)

Pandemonium Warden now drops a Kupon worth 25 Kinetic Units into every alliance member's inventory.

NM update (29 July 2017)

The issue wherein some placeholders stop respawning on certain lottery spawn nms should now be resolved. As a result, some NMs and their PHs can be up simultaneously. If you continue to see a problem with an NM, please put in a ticket.

Rules Change (20 July 2017)

Rule 3.8 Under Dual Boxing was changed from
If you are dual-boxing you cannot leave one character sitting at a NM location while you are playing another character. You must move your second character to a city zone or @base.
If you are dual-boxing, you cannot camp an NM while you are playing another character. It is also prohibited to camp or hold two NM spawn locations simultaneously. This includes trying to obtain Time of Death. You must move your second character to a city zone, base, or to same position as your first character.

Rules Change (4 July 2017)

Based on feedback from players and after discussion with the Leadership team, we have decided to implement two new rules related to players being AFK. These rules have been added to the Rules page (Rule 5.2 and Rule 8.1-4).

Job Ability Modification (27 June 2017)

In considering job balance the following change is being implemented on a trial basis:
For War, Mnk, Whm, Blm, Rdm, Thf, Drk, Bst, Brd, Nin, Drg, Smn, Blu, Cor, Pup, Dnc, and Sch; the job ability "Defender" will now provide the following -
- Significant physical damage reduction (Not calculated in -phys damage reduction cap)
- Significant magical damage reduction (Not calculated in -magical damage reduction cap)
- Significant Subtle blow + (Calculated in Subtle blow cap.)
- Defender will no longer reduce attack by 25%
- Defender will no longer increase defense by 25%
- For jobs not listed, defender will continue to provide -25% attack and +25% defense, but will not provide the additional benefit.
These changes are primarily to balance the desirability of melee jobs at certain HNM fights. We will be observing and considering the impact of this change for adjustment.

Event Modification (27 June 2017)

Three new items have been added to the Daily Hunt. You may now turn in Arondight, Boreas Cesti, and Boroka Earring for 15, 20, and 25 points respectively.

NM Modification (26 June 2017)

The drop rate on Kirin's pole has been adjusted.

Job Ability Modification (15 June 2017)

White Mage adjustment:
As of this morning the white mage ability Martyr will now have the added effect of transferring 50% of the WHM's enmity to the target. It still heals the target, and the hate transfer occurs after the heal.

Daily Hunt Modification (13 June 2017)

As the Rogetsurin NMs are not popping as intended, the turn in value of Rogetsurin has been reduced to 10 KU. To compensate for this, Nightmare Sword has been added to the 25 KU list.

Additionally, Bakka's wings will have the chance to drop Kupon A-Ab which can be turned in for 25 points, and Kupon A-ASYW which can be turned in for 50 points, both of which count towards the daily hunt total.

Sorry for the change, but it was clearly not the intention to have a 25 point item that drops 100% of the time every hour of the day.

Changes Announced for the Two Year Anniversary (11 June 2017)

  1. The Alexandrite items list has been modified. Mythic weapons have been removed, and you may now purchase the Celadon and/or Zaffe rocks for 40 Alexandrite each to build your Mythic. You will need to level the appropriate craft.
  2. We have introduced a new Daily Hunt! Visit the Daily Hunt page for details. The trophies are exchanged for a new currency, Kinetic Units.
  3. Empyrean Weapons have arrived! Visit the Empyrean Weapons page for details on how to obtain them, as well as their stats.
  4. Experience points have been boosted 60% in Caedarva Mire, Bhaflau Thickets, Wajaom Woodlands and Mount Zhayolm.
  5. Soul Plates now drop from Heraldic Imps and Spongilla Flies @meritcamp imps. The plates still drop from the Puks, Mamool, Birds, and Puddings.
  6. Khatri (NPC @base) no longer sells the Galdr and Strigoi rings. They are now drops from an NM. Khatri does have a rotating stock of highly prized goods. Talk to Khatri for the current selection and Bayld price.
  7. Talk to Rhalo Davigoh @beach to get your Primeval Brew! This is a one-time prize, available only to main characters in possession of the "Atma of the Beyond" Key Item. Check FFXIclopedia for the stats. Note: all natural spawn Wyrms/HNMs (including Bismarck) are subject to normal LS gather and lotting rules. You may not solo these mobs.

Changes to Alexandrite list (01 June 2017)

Valkyrie's Trews and Hedgehog Bomb have been removed from the Alex list as they have alternate ways of acquiring in game.

Ziphius added (31 May 2017)

Ziphius has been added as an 8 hour spawn in Misereaux coast. Disregard the standard way of popping, he is an 8 hour spawn.

May Month End Event Details (27 May 2017)

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Month End Event!

The Destrier Beret is available from Rhalo Davigoh @beach through the end of May. Please be sure you have one inventory slot open when you talk to her. The Beret is available for both Main Characters and Alternate/Second Characters.

Mythic Weaponskills can now be unlocked!

  1. Use the @mythic shop to purchase the weapon corresponding to the weaponskill you would like to unlock (note: you do NOT have to use the weapon. You do NOT have to have the weapon in your possession for the NM fights).
  2. Defeat the three Treasures of Aht Urhgan Beastman bosses (in any order). You will receive the "Kill Recorded" message once each boss is defeated:
    1. Gulool Ja Ja (located in Mamook)
    2. Gurfurlur the Menacing (located in Halvung)
    3. Medusa (located in Arrapago Reef)
  3. Trade the weapon to Zalsuhm in Muckvix's Junk Shop to unlock the weaponskill.

Note: this will unlock the Mythic Weaponskills. It does NOT grant the Mythic Weapons - those are still obtained the same two methods as in the past (Celadon/Zaffre Yggrete Rocks + appropriate craft OR purchase with Alex).

Directions for navigating to the bosses can be found on the Mythic Weaponskills page.

Rules Update (23 May 2017)

The "Lotting Rules" (Section 7) were modified to include details on how to handle items going Free Lot:
After two minutes, any un-lotted items will go Free Lot. A "Timekeeper" should be designated prior to the fight (if there is a Leader/GM/Admin in the alliance, they should act as Timekeeper). After two minutes, the Timekeeper will check lots and announce which items are Free Lot. These items do not count against the one item you may lot, but please be courteous to your fellow players and consider passing if someone else will get better use of the item.
Please see the Rules page, section 7.5.

Graphics Issue - Resolved (23 May 2017)

Issue with Qutrub model flashing is now resolved.

Introducing Happo! (06 May 2017)

Happo will now be happy to service your Limbus AF upgrade needs. Check out his page for more information:Happo

Bayld Vendor Adjustments (11 April 2017)

Bayld Vendor change: In order to keep bayld cost for materials consistent for comparable synths, two changes have been made to the Bayld vendor, Lucas. Siren's Hair and Cashmere thread have been replaced by Siren's macrame and Cashmere cloth, respectively. The trade in items will remain the same and are listed on the wiki. As always, the Admin team thanks you for playing on the Hokutens Private FFXI Server.

Scourge Adjustments (10 April 2017)

After repeated inquiries by multiple members, The Scourge Weaponskill numbers were investigated and have been adjusted to more closely approximate the other Relic Weaponskills. Its performance will be monitored over the following weeks and further adjustments may be made if it is deemed too high or too low.

Ix'Aern (Dragoon) Drop Rates Adjusted (09 April 2017)

It was reported that Ix'Drg drop rates were not consistent to what was reported on ffxiclopedia. Upon investigation, it appears that numbers were switched in the code. The issue has been rectified and drop rates have been adjusted accordingly.

Jailer of Love Adjustments (07 April 2017)

Jol has been changed:
- initial regen has been adjusted
- requirements for reducing initial regen have been adjusted
- 2 hour abilities have been added
- attack has been adjusted
- resistances have been adjusted

Augment System (31 March 2017)

New challenges and new rewards await…

Strange new Yggrettes are reported to be appearing on the bodies of some of the greatest challenges on Vana’diel! As it turns out, these strange stones have bizzare characteristics, and when properly applied, can unlock fantastic new properties on all manner of weapons and armors. So strap on your armor, cinch up your subligar, and find some friends; there are fiends that need killin’!

The details:

Beginning March 31st, Augments will be unlocked for our players here on Hokutens. New drops will be added to the following:
Kirin: Alizarin Yggrete Shard I
Jailer of Love: Alizarin Yggrete Shard II
Dark Ixion: Alizarin Yggrete Shard III
Bubbling Bernie: Phlox Yggrete Shard III
Sarameya: Alizarin Yggrete Shard IV
Tyger: Phlox Yggrete Shard IV
Tinnin: Russet Yggrete Shard IV
Tiamat: Alizarin Yggrete Shard V
Jormungand: Phlox Yggrete Shard V
Vrtra: Russet Yggrete Shard V

These drops may be used to progress the augmentation of your gear:
Stage One: Kirin
Stage Two: Jailer of Love
Stage Three: Dark Ixion and Bubbling Bernie
Stage Four: Sarameya, Tinnin, and Tyger
Stage Five: Tiamat, Jormungand, and Vrtra

Collecting the appropriate stones from each stage will allow you to increase the power of your augment. For a list of augments, and which slots they may be applied to, please click:

Additionally, Glavoid Shells and Chloris Buds have been added as potential drops to NQ and HQ kings respectively. Exchanging 3 of each to Guillaulmilian will net you an Alizarin Yggrete Shard I or II! Cerberus and Khimaria drop Chloris Buds.

Small Print:
1. Each stage must be completed in order
2. Only one augment per item
3. Weapon augments may only be applied to weapons equip-able in the "Main" slot
4. Augments may not be exchanged once a path is chosen, though you may start over on a different path
5. When you are ready to claim your augment, you must put in a ticket, please do not ask GMs directly in game. Marathon, Fishy, or Aydann will reply to your ticket and augment your item.
6. Please be respectful of your fellow players and only lot fragments for the stage you are currently working on
7. Normal LS lotting rules apply - if you lot a stone, you may not lot another item

Dynamis Changes (30 March 2017)


When we instituted the Dynamis changes a couple months ago, we said we would check and adjust as needed, based on relic progression and feedback from the community.

While we had previously increased the rate and quantity of 100-piece currency obtained by trading Bakka’s Wings to the NPC, the Admin team was still hearing that relic progression was slow and the time spent in Dynamis was taking away from the flexibility to participate in other activities.

Accordingly, we will be making the following changes to Dynamis, effective Sunday, April 2nd:

1. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Bonus Currency will be turned on for the following zones:

Bastok/Sandy/Windy/Valkurm/Bubu/Qufim – 6 pieces of the appropriate type
Beauc/Jeuno – 6 pieces (2 of each type)
Xarcabard – 9 pieces (3 of each type)

Tuesdays/Thursdays, currency will be on from approximately 7 AM until Midnight (Eastern time). Sundays, currency will be on from approximately 9 AM until Midnight (Eastern time). The GM/Admin team will not be setting a schedule of runs, allowing you the freedom to tackle the zones you need most. That being said, collaboration is encouraged and expected – please try and get a group together rather than soloing a zone. Please exit the zone as soon as you have finished, allowing others to enter.

We are not changing the Key Item check for Bonus Currency. Alt/Second characters may participate in Dynamis, but only the main character in possession of the Atma of the Beyond will receive the automatic currency drops to their inventory. Main characters take preference over alt/second characters – if a run is full, alt/second characters must drop to make room for main characters.

2. Currency will no longer automatically drop to your inventory when the boss is killed the rest of the week – ONLY on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday.

The Admin team will continue to monitor Dynamis and relic progression and may adjust drop rates, the zones providing currency, and Bakka’s Wing trade rates in the future. Any changes will continue to be cross-posted to Facebook and the Wiki.

~Hokutens Admin Team

NPC Guillaulmilian added (30 March 2017)

Introducing a new staff member to help service your adventuring needs. Meet Guillaulmilian. He likes Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches, long walks in dark alleys, and is the head of the 'Bring back the Gilmore Girls' movement. In his free time, when not making Lorelai fan art, he spends all of his time in Dynamis. So much so, he's sitting on stacks and stacks of single currencies. Trade him any hundred piece and for the service fee of one single, he'll give you a stack of the corresponding singles. If you are in need of singles, head on over to Base, where he has set himself up behind the counter with the bayld vendors.

Update to Tiamat (26 March 2017)

- Tiamat's Regen has been lowered.

Disclaimer: Additional updates may be made upon further testing and will be noted here.

Update to Dynamis Valkurm (26 March 2017)

Currency has been added to the Zone boss. With it, high resistances and regen have also been added to the boss. To combat this, three NMs in the zone will reduce the buffs on the Mega Boss. Defeating Fairy Ring, Stcemqestcint, and Nant'ina will reduce the amount of resistance and regen the Boss has. The reduction stacks with each NM kill, resulting in the 'Standard' Boss when all three are dead.

Update to Pandemonium Warden (23 March 2017)

The Warden is live! Thanks to people who participated in our test, but there have been some changes made to the final code:

- An additional JA has been added to the Cerberus form
- Ranged resistance has been adjusted

Disclaimer: Additional adjustments may be made to the fight, and will be noted in this post.

Update to Bakka's Wings (11 March 2017)

Oops! Jadamo over bought! Everything must go!

The concern has been raised that Dynamis seems to be taking over the server in the wake of opening it up to a less restrictive schedule as people race for that next Relic with Daily Dynamis runs leaving no time for other events. Also that the amount of currency available for trade is less than what it used to be (Recent studies by the Accredited Moogle Network show this not to be the case, but that investors are holding on to their currency tighter than before). Referring to my first post, from an Admin point of view, I would say don't run Dynamis everyday, enjoy other aspects of the game, have that next relic take a little while longer to obtain, and prolong your experience on the server. I realize, however, that I am just the 'Voice of the Man' and do everything in my power to 'keep the little guy down' and no one will listen to that advice.

So, to hopefully alleviate the feelings of needing to do Dynamis everyday to stay on relic progression, the reward distribution of Jadamo has been changed. Many activities on the server reward Bakka wings. Jadamo, has recently received a huge shipment of Ancient Currency and is looking to clear his stock. The chance to receive currency has been slightly increased with an even chance across all three. The minimum payout is now 2 with the rare possibility of obtaining 3. Considering the time commitment to complete a Dynamis vs. the time commitment to obtain Bakka Wings, this should easily bridge any perceived decrease in currency flow and will hopefully encourage other events while still obtaining currency.

Disclaimer: Balance and longevity is still our top priority. We will continue to monitor both and if this breaks either by an influx of currency due to spamming both Dynamis and Bakkas, we will look to revise again.