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This page is mainly to help clear up some misunderstanding players have with our custom drops to our HNMs and some of our custom NMs, however most info can be found here [1] on the Swishy's Sheet(big thanks to Swishytail for the hard work)

Now lets get down to it!

Jaggedy Eared Jack

Spawn condition is same as retail but still follows the normal LS lotting rules and MUST be called.
Everyone's favorite punching bag from retail has been upgraded here and has a chance to drop up to 2 Vatical Fragments which can be traded to Rhale Davigoh @beach for one of the Empyrean Accessories, you must be on the job you want the piece on. Also gives 2 Bakkas Wings to each alliance member but you will need to pick them up from Jadamo @base.

Ultimate Sky

Spawn Condition, Forced pop with Kirin's Pole.
This is more a a custom event more so then a custom NM but should be included in this, She can drop the Nocturnus Helm and mail, Morrigan's Cuffs, zaffre yggrete rock needed for making a mythic, and the Emico Mantle which has had a hidden effect of enmity +50 added to it. Also gives 3 alexs to each alliance member.

Bubbly Bernie

Spawn Condition, Forced pop with Orison's Leg Seal.
Anyone that played retail knows the old joke about BB, well our server took it to the extreme and made it into a real fight that does actually need an alliance to kill! Drops are Steam clock which can be traded to the normal quest npc to gain 100 bayld, T3 shard for augmenting your weapons, Dragon Harness +1 and a Vactical Fragment. Also gives 1 alex to each alliance member.

Dark Ixion

Spawn Condition, Forced pop with 20 Kindred Crests.
This guy is NOT as simple as he was in retail, our Devs are madmen! So be ready for a tough but fun fight. All drops from retail are still there with a few custom drops added in, those being Hadean Abjuration: Legs, a T3 shard for augmenting your weapons, Mahatma Cape and a Vatical Fragment. Also gives 2 alex to each alliance member.


Spawn condition, 36 hour respawn.
This guy like most has been upgraded a good bit to be tougher, his drops are all different from retail. check the spreedsheet linked above and look for "ground HNMs" tab. Please note the the rings are 100% drop but only 1 ring will drop at a time, Also one item not listed is the Oneiros Pebble which can be traded to the Weathered Boat near it's spawn area to get a lv 1 pebbles that has a refresh +2 augment on it. 'MAKE SURE TO STORE THE AUGMENTED PEBBLE IN YOUR MOG WARDROBE SO IT CAN'T STACK WITH ANY OTHER PEBBLES YOU GET'. Also gives 2 alex to each alliance members.

Naga Raja

Spawn Condition, Forced pop with 20 High Kindred Crests.
Now here's a big boy, think of a good old fashion Jormungand fight, now add some minions some blood weapon spam and lots of hastes and enfeebles and top it off with a much harder hitting jormy and you have one of our favorite fights. All drops are listed on the swishy Sheet but one drop does needs a bit of explaining and that would be the Seigneur Shield. This shield allows you to gain mp off of the damage you've taken and is upgraded to shield size 6, to put it simply this is our server's version of the Ochain empy shield. Also gives 2 alexs to each alliance member.

A bit of Sea

The jailers are still the same as retail, only changes are that Prudence, Justice, and Hope can drop the parts needed to trade in for the Homam and Nashira Head, Hands and Feet piece, Jailer of Love can drop then parts needed for Homam Body and Legs and finally Absolute Virtue can drop the parts needed for the Nashira body and legs. Rest of the info can be found on the Swishy Sheets.


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