Blue Mage

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Blue Mage

Getting Blu Artifact Armor

  • For receiving the 6 pieces of Artifact Armor for Blu, including weapon, head, body, hands, legs, and feet you must

complete some tasks.

  1. You must go to 3 different locations and find 3 coffer keys.
  2. You need to open each coffer at each location and typing @where so there is a location on the screen
  3. Take a screen shot of you opening the coffer (text on screen) with the x y z (#) on the screen in the text.
  4. Send the screens to any GM on Facebook and you will recieve the AF from Chops or Mizzy.

Blu Spells that are Broken

Blue Mage Limit Break

  1. To reach the level cap of 75, you need to find all 5 staging points in the ToAU area.
  2. Once you find each one, please use the @where command
  3. Take a screenshot of the test and staging point
  4. once all 5 are completed, post them to FB or send them to Mizzy or Chops in a message.