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How to become a GM/Leader

This is going to be a process, we will need to promote some GMs from a player base at some point. I have known all of the current GMs for 8+ years and trust them all. Here is what I'll be looking for:

  • Trustworthy - You don't cheat or lie, you are up front about known glitches.
  • Helpful to other players - You help other players, from setting up clients to helping with AF, etc.
  • Attitude - You don't get frustrated easily and you have a positive attitude.
  • Playtime - You have played at least 3 months consistently.
  • Helpful to GM Staff - With testing and following directions.
With Leaders its different. Usually the current leaders choose who they will pick, often after asking for nominations from the community.
*Show initiative*


  • Plays a lot - It just helps if you are online frequently.
  • Lua knowledge - Higher Tier GMs help with scripting and testing.
  • C++ Knowledge - Not amateurs, serious coders.