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New challenges and new rewards await…

Strange new Shards are reported to be appearing on the bodies of some of the greatest challenges on Vana’diel! As it turns out, these strange shards have bizarre characteristics, and when properly applied, can unlock fantastic new properties on all manner of weapons and armors. So strap on your armor, cinch up your subligar, and find some friends; there are fiends that need killin’!


You'll trade the gear and shards to the following npcs: Gerlbotz (T1 augment Npc), Rhap Talashpehn (T2 augment npc), Maleroune (T3 augment npc) and Roman (T4 augment npc).
Shards drop from the following to the whole alliance
There are also a chance to hit a "HQ" augment on T1 and T2 shards, you can only get these special augments ONCE. they are as followed:

Tier 1 shards

Kirin(both as treasure drop and a alliance drop), Fafnir(50% ally drop), Behemoth(50% ally drop), Adamantoise(50% ally drop), Cerberus(100% ally drop), Khimaira(100% ally drop), Genbu(25% ally drop), Seiryu(25% ally drop), Suzaku(25% ally drop), Byakko(25% ally drop).

T1 HQ for WAR, MNK, THF, PLD, DRK, BST, SAM, NIN, DRG, PUP, DNC is:5 Str, Dex or Vit and Damage Taken -5%

T1 HQ for WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SMN, BLU, SCH is:5 Int, Mnd or Chr and Refresh 2

T1 HQ for Cor, Rng is: 2 of Str, Agi or Int at +5 (example: Str+5 Agi+5 or even Str+10)

Tier 2 shards

Jailer of Love(treasure drop and 100% ally drop), King Behemoth(100% ally drop), Aspidochelone(100% ally drop), Nidhogg(100% ally drop), Jailers of Hope(25% ally drop), Jailer of Justice(25% ally drop), and Jailer of Prudence(25% ally drop)

T2 HQ for WAR, MNK, THF, PLD, DRK, BST, SAM, NIN, DRG, PUP, DNC is:5 Str, Dex or Vit and Triple Attack +4%

T2 HQ for WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SMN, BLU, SCH is:5 Int, Mnd, or Chr and Magic Crit Rate +5

T2 HQ for Cor, Rng is:5 Str, Agi or Int and Rapid Shot +8

Information on on the augments value for T1 and T2 and what classes give which stats can be found here:

Tier 3 shards

Absolute Virtue(100% ally drop) Jailer of Love(25% ally drop), Dark Ixion(treasure drop), Bubbling Bernie(treasure drop and same shard you can get from the ABC casino)

T3 shards do NOT have a "HQ" Weapon augments are done with the T3 shards and the stats for them can be found here [[1]]

Tier 4 Shards

Tinnin(treasure drop), Sarameya(treasure drop), Tyger(treasure drop), can be gotten from the daily NM hunt given by Vaihiliqu in the upper levels of base.

T4 shards do NOT have a "HQ"
T4 augments apply to hands, feet, and head armors only.
T4 augments give 4 total augments. 1 Static stat, 1 random stat, and 2 random augments from the list of 4 for each job.
You can get the same augments twice, so you could get STR+2 DEX+2 Haste+2 Double Attack+2 or you could get STR+4 Haste+4 (that would be two 2 str rolls and two 2 haste rolls, also mind you I'm useing the lowest values)As a example a perfect roll might be STR+4 DEX+4 Haste+4 Double Attack+4, or STR+8 Double Attack+8.
T4 augment information can be found here: