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Escha RuAun.jpg
Welcome to Ascended Sky, one of Hokutens custom content, if it's your first time make sure to speak with the Register of Deeds at the zone entrance to get a free Aptant: Fyrst an Primus.

To get base armor pieces you'll need to trade Dremi at the entrance of Escha - Ru'Aun the aptant for your class and 1~5 pebbles for the armor piece. Aptant + 1 pebble for head piece, 2 for body, 3 for hands, 4 for legs, and 5 for feet. Once you have a stage 5 piece of armor you can then trade it to the Register of Deeds to get it changed into a "Ebon" version of the armor that will then have the augments added as a hidden effect of the armor, this will allow you to augment the armor with the T1 and T2 shards you'll find in the augment section.

Not all augments are granted at each stage. We have selected two augments on each piece of armor to upgrade in Stages 2 through 4, with all four augments granted at Stage 5 as follows:
Stage 1 trade aptant+pebbles - Base Armor stats
Stage 2 trade armor+aptant x2- 1 Augment @ 100%
Stage 3 trade armor+aptant x3- 1 Augment @ 100% + 1 Augment @ 50%
Stage 4 trade armor+Aptant: Fyrst- 2 Augments @ 100%
Stage 5 trade armor+Aptant: Primus- 4 Augments @ 100%

For final stats of armor and what aptants match each class please Click here to view information on Armor sets.

Ascended Sky also have some custom weapons, these are gained from doing the god path shown below. These weapons offer access to special weapon skills with custom added effects. Stage 1 gain as a drop from the gods. Stage 2 is weapon+Wolfram Ore from Kirin(Asky version) stage 3 is weapon +Fulgent Ore from Yilan Stage 4 is weapon + Grimy Plywood from Hanbi

Click here to view information on Weapons.

Sky2.0 Boss progression.png