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Jaicedion @base is the NPC Alex Vendor

You need to trade Jaicedion the Alexandrite and required trade item at the same time.
At this time you may not get a confirmation of obtaining item, but it will be in your inventory.
If you decide you would prefer a different Apocalypse Nigh earring (60 Alex items), simply trade your current earring back to Jaicedion.
He will refund you the purchase price, less a 5 Alex processing fee.  Please note, you may only possess one Apocalypse Nigh earring at a time.

2 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Amir Puggaree Sipahi Turban
Amir Kolluks Sipahi Dastanas
Amir Boots Sipahi Boots
Pahluwan Qalansuwa Jaridah Khud
Pahluwan Dastanas Jaridah Bazubands
Pahluwan Crackows Jaridah Nails
Yigit Turban Silken Hat
Yigit Gages Silken Cuffs
Yigit Crackows Silken Pigaches
Cunning Brain Broth HQ Coeurl Hide
Wool Grease Ladybug Wing
Dancing Herbal Broth Selbina Milk
Lucky Carrot Broth Frost Turnip
Vermihumus Lycopodium Flower
Briny Broth Apkallu Egg

5 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Amir Korazin Sipahi Jawshan
Amir Dirs Sipahi Zerehs
Pahluwan Khazagand Jaridah Peti
Pahluwan Seraweels Jaridah Salvars
Yigit Gomelek Silken Coat
Yigit Seraweels Silken Slops
Hightail Bullet Gold Bullet
Phantasmal Abj.: Legs Rubber Chausses
Phantasmal Abj.: Feet Rubber Soles

10 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Maneater Fransisca
Forager's Mantle Amemet Mantle
Ire Torque +1 Wivre Gorget +1
Fylgja Torque +1 Jeweled Collar +1
Aslan Cape Blue Cape
Buccaneer's Belt Venturer's Belt
Delta Earring Wing Earring
Iota Ring Sniper's Ring
Kubira Beads Chivalrous Chain
Morgana's Choker Chain Choker
Omega Ring Orichalcum Ring
Ritter Gorget Gorget
Toreador's Ring Bomb Queen Ring
Incubus Earring +1 Moldavite Earring
Gigant Mantle Behemoth Mantle +1
Corse Cape Lynx Mantle +1
Tiresias' Cape Summoner's Cape

15 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Lemegeton Medallion +1 Purgatory Collar
Ancient Torque Almah Torque
Altdorf's Earring Flytrap Leaf
Wilhelm's Earring Goblin Armor
Setanta's Ledelsens Cobalt Ore
Spurrer Beret Danceshroom
Volunteer's Nails Merrow Scale
Silver Fox Earring Wing Earring

20 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Grosveneur's Bow Staurobow +1
Hecate's Cape Mahatma Cape
Blau Dolch Jambiya +1
Zha'Go's Barbut Wool Hat
Gnadbod's Helm Qiqirn Hood
X's Knife Rabbit Hide
Shrewed Pumps Scintillant Ingot
Aesir Ear Pendant Sutlac
Aesir Mantle Irmik Helvasi
Aesir Torque Torque
Colossus's Earring Angel's Earring
Colossus's Mantle Resilient Mantle
Colossus's Torque Healing Torque

25 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Sangoma Lappa Wise Braconi +1

30 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Mercurial Kris Perseus's Harpe
Avalon Breastplate 20 Forgotten Hope
Oily Trousers 20 Forgotten Journey
Mercurial Sword Ferrara
Antares Harness Dragon Harness +1
Hofud Relic Sword
Roundel Earring Cassie Earring
Pythia Sash +1 Cleric's Belt

35 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Valkyrie's Helm Martial Abjuration: Head
Valkyrie's Gauntlets Martial Abjuration: Hands
Valkyrie's Sabatons Martial Abjuration: Feet
Valkyrie's Breastplate Martial Abjuration Body
Valkyrie's Cuishes Martial Abjuration: Legs
Valkyrie's Hat Aquarian Abjuration: Head
Valkyrie's Cuffs Aquarian Abjuration: Hands
Valkyrie's Clogs Aquarian Abjuration: Feet
Valkyrie's Coat Aquarian Abjuration: Body
Valkyrie's Fork Relic Lance

40 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Valhalla Helm Earthen Abjuration: Head
Valhalla Breastplate Earthen Abjuration: Body
Zahak's Mail Wyvern Helm +1
Celadon Yggrete Pebble x1
Zaffre Yggrete Pebble x2

50 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Praeco Slacks Cleric's Pantaloons

60 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Static Earring Silver Earring
Magnetic Earring Bone Earring
Hollow Earring Beetle Earring
Ethereal Earring Mythril Earring

70 Alexandrite

Relic Weapon Dynamis Weapon
Spharai Relic Knuckles
Mandau Relic Dagger
Excalibur Relic Sword
Ragnarok Relic Blade
Guttler Relic Axe
Bravura Relic Bhuj
Apocalypse Relic Scythe
Gungnir Relic Lance
Kikoku Ihintanto
Amanomurakumo Ito
Mjollnir Relic Maul
Claustrum Relic Staff
Annihilator Relic Gun
Yoichinoyumi Relic Bow
Gjallarhorn Relic Horn
Aegis Relic Shield

75 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Twilight Knife Relic Dagger
Twilight Mail Nidhogg Scales (no longer on Auction House - must fight Nidhogg)
Twilight Helm Earthen Abjuration: Head
Twilight Belt Koga Sarashi
Twilight Cape Sorcerer's Belt
Hecate's Earring Moldavite Earring
Rubeus Bandeau Argute Belt
Witful Belt^ Duelist's Belt
Nightfall Relic Blade

^ The Occasionally Quickens Spellcasting +3% is not active on DSP.

85 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Twilight Torque Valor Cape

150 Alexandrite

Item Trade Item Needed
Thaumas Coat Denali Jacket
Niqmaddu Ring ??? Ring (Drops from Balamor - RA/EX drop)
Ayao's Gages ??? Gloves (Drops from Balamor - RA/EX drop)
Heka's Kalsiris Goliard Saio