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The Chocobo Circuit is the Hokutens home base

Here, you can find a number of NPCs to aid you in your daily adventuring! Travel there with the @base command.

The specially-coded NPCs in the Chocobo Circuit and their functions are:

Main Level

Azainnie - Nomad Moogle
Berthold - Weekly NM Quest Completion (Talk to Berthold after you kill the NM to get your reward.)
Couzanne - Weekly NM Quest Timer Reset (Talk to Couzanne to reset your Weekly NM Quest timer.)
Flige - Gives the Nexus Cape (Nexus Cape can be obtained once and only once. GMs will NOT replace lost Nexus capes.)
Happo - AF+1 Upgrade Items (See the Happo page for trade items.)
Jadamo - Trade two Bakka's Wings for a random reward. (Includes Alexandrite, Dynamis Currency, Ancient Beast Coins, Bubbling Bernie pop, pebbles.)
Jaicedion - Alexandrite Items (See full list on the Alexandrite items page.)
Linus - Get your fresh 75 starter endgame set here!
Odersille - Daily Bayld Giver
Olorinda - Weekly NM Quest/Hunt Giver
Rhind Mhikkrol - Warps you up to the Bayld Vendor area. (Must have Sky access).
Sigiswald - Turn in your daily hunt trophies for Kinetic Units.
Urbano - Daily Bayld & Daily Hunt Timer Reset. (Talk to Urbano first, then Odersille or Sigiswald.)

Upper Level (talk to Rhind Mhikkrol to access this area)

Cyril - Empyrean Weapon NPC
Greeter Moogle - Nomad Moogle
Guillaulmillian - Trade Dynamis 100-pieces to have them broken down into singles. Trade Chloris Buds or Glavoid Shells to have them converted into Augment Shards (see the Augments page for more details).
Khatri - Bayld Vendor - Rotating stock of items. (Must be on or past the mission "Dawn" in CoP. See Daily page for more details.)
Luca - Bayld Vendor - Craft Items for Main Characters (See Daily page for more details.)
Michaela - Bayld Vendor - Craft Items for Alt Characters (See Daily page for more details.)
Synergy Engineer - Bayld Vendor - Linen Purse (Alexandrite) (See See Daily page for more details.)