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Players can execute @ commands by typing it in say in the game. The commands perform a wide variety of functions.

@ Crag Commands

You don't need to wait on that White Mage for a teleport anymore!
@dem, @mea, @holla, @vazhl, @altep


@travel can be used to take you to any non-CoP city zone. You need to use the auto translate function for it to work. For example type @travel <Bastok Mines>. You can @travel to the following areas.

Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Port San d'Oria
Chateau d'Oraguille
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Port Bastok
Windurst Waters
Windurst Walls
Port Windurst
Windurst Woods
Heavens Tower
Ru'Lude Gardens
Upper Jeuno
Lower Jeuno
Port Jeuno
Norg (@Norg)
Al Zahbi
Aht Urhgan Whitegate


Warps you to your homepoint.


Typing @chocobo will mount you on a chocobo in any zone for now. The command is not intended for use in areas where Chocobo's are normally not allowed. If you are caught riding a chocobo in a dungeon you will be put in jail for an undetermined amount of time.


There are also @xpcamp warps to use for leveling and getting to certain XP destinations faster.


There is also @meritcamp warps to use for merit parties and reaching certain Treasures of Aht Urhgan locations.


@base will take you to the Chocobo Circuit, the server hangout spot. Go to the @base page for a list of NPCs and their functions.


@oasis will take you Rabao. Shop NPC's have been customized to sell commonly used items for 100 gil.

Brave Ox (F-7) - Tools

Toolbag (Sanjaku-Tenugui)
Toolbag (Shinobi-Tabi)
Toolbag (Shihei)
Toolbag (Inoshishinofuda)
Toolbag (Shikanofuda)
Toolbag (Chonofuda)
Juji Shuriken
Fuma Shuriken
Koga Shuriken
Thief's Tools
Gold Imperial Coins

Brave Wolf (G-6) - Food

Meat Chiefkabob
Dragon Steak
Porcupine Pie
Squid Sushi +1
Sole Sushi +1
Dorado Sushi +1
Bream Sushi +1
Urchin Sushi +1
Leremieu Taco
Vermillion Jelly
Rolanberry Pie +1
Melon Pie +1
Bijou Glace
Wizard Cookie

Generoit (G-6) - Pet Items

Gysahl Greens
Chocobo Feather
Pet Food Alpha
Pet Food Beta
Carrot Broth (Hare)
Bug Broth (Mayfly)
Herbal Broth (Sheep Familiar)
Carrion Broth (Lizard)
Chocobo Mazurka

Scamplix (F-7) - Ammo

Wooden Arrow
Bone Arrow
Fang Arrow
Silver Arrow
Horn Arrow
Gold Arrow
Platinum Arrow
Kabura Arrow
Crossbow Bolt
Blind Bolt
Acid Bolt
Venom Bolt
Bloody Bolt
Holy Bolt
Mythril Bolt
Black Bolt
Darksteel Bolt
Bronze Bullet
Copper Bullet
Pakton Bullet
Electrum Bullet
Platinum Bullet
Steel Bullet

Shiny Teeth (F-6) - Medicine

Silent Oil
Prism Powder
Holy Water
Hermes Quencher
Icarus Wing
Warp Cudgel
Reraise Earring
Reraise Hairpin
Vile Elixir +1 - These are 100k and should only be used for Maat Fights.


@shop will display a system message that identifies the number of each shop found below. Alternative to the Oasis, can be used in the field.

@shop 1 Crystal Depot
@shop 2 Pharmacy
@shop 3 Food Shop
@shop 4 Tool Shop
@shop 5 Ammo Shop
@shop 6 Pet Shop
@shop 7 Automaton Shop
@shop 8 Rank Perks
@shop 9 ZM Perks


@craft plus a number can be used to access common crafting supplies for the different crafts. Below is a list of commands for each shop. A comprehensive supply list will follow on a @craft page soon.

@craft 1 : Smithing supplies
@craft 2 : Goldsmithing supplies
@craft 3 : Clothcraft supplies
@craft 4 : Woodworking supplies
@craft 5 : Leathercraft supplies
@craft 6 : Bonecraft supplies
@craft 7 : Alchemy supplies
@craft 8 : Cooking supplies
@craft 9 : Fish


Access the Auction House wherever you are in Vana'diel with the @ah command!


Opens up the shop to purchase the weapons for unlocking the mythic weaponskills for use with use with any weapon of the same type.


Allows you to view and set your active mastery bonuses.


ALlows you to see how long you have left on a relic weapon being worked on by the gob, example: @relic <me>.


Allows you to see how many weapon skills you have done when doing weapon skill quests, example: @scythe <me>


Opens up the shop we have for some style lock gear, just fun stuff here!