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Players can execute @ commands by typing it in say in the game. The commands perform a wide variety of functions.


@oasis will take you to the Server's hangout spot in Rabao. Shop NPC's have been customized to sell commonly used items for 1gil.

Brave ox (F-7) - Tools

Toolbag (Sanjaku-Tenugui)
Toolbag (Shinobi-Tabi)
Toolbag (Shihei)
Toolbag (Inoshishinofuda)
Toolbag (Shikanofuda)
Toolbag (Chonofuda)
Juji Shuriken
Fuma Shuriken
Koga Shuriken
Thief's Tools

Scamplix (F-7) - Ammo

Wooden Arrow
Bone Arrow
Fang Arrow
Silver Arrow
Horn Arrow
Gold Arrow
Platinum Arrow
Kabura Arrow
Crossbow Bolt
Blind Bolt
Acid Bolt
Venom Bolt
Holy Bolt
Mythril Bolt
Black Bolt
Darksteel Bolt
Bronze Bullet
Copper Bullet
Pakton Bullet
Electrum Bullet
Platinum Bullet
Steel Bullet

Shiny teeth - medicine - f6

Silent Oil
Prism Powder
Holy Water
Hermes Quencher
Icarus Wing
Warp Cudgel
Reraise Earring
Reraise Hairpin
Vile Elixir +1 - These are 100k and should only be used for Maat Fights.

Brave wolf - food - g-6

Generoit - pet items - g-6


'''@dem''' = DON't forget to get crag crystal

'''@mea''' = DON't forget to get crag crystal

'''@holla''' = DON't forget to get crag crystal

'''@vaz''' = DON't forget to get crag crystal

'''@bastok''' = teleports to bastok mines near mission npc

'''@sandy'''  = teleports to south sandy AH

'''@windy''' = teleports to windurst woods 

'''@norg''' =  teleports to the entrance to norg

'''@travel 5'''  =  dunes outpost

'''@travel 6'''  =  quifim at beginning (worms, crabs) 

'''@travel 7'''  =  quifim near tower

'''@travel 8'''  =  kazham near zone to jungle

'''@travel 9'''  =  yhoat camp

'''@travel 10''' = crawlers nest at book

'''@travel 11''' = garliage shitadel

Other locations will be added in the near future. If you have additional Party exp camp's that you would like to see added, you can input it in a bug report on FaceBook 

 Chops / Mizzy